Blue Lotus; a beautiful potion for your soul

Blue Lotus Ritual Oil: an ancient elixir to awaken your intuition!

I will never forget the moment I connected with the ‘Sacred Lily of the Nile’. The stimulating aroma I had smelled 100 times before, but not in this lifetime. An instant feeling of euphoria filled my entire being with light. I had always been fascinated with the Blue Lotus Ritual Oil, but I had never tried it; something about it just always stood out to me. It wasn’t until I visited the mystical lands of Egypt where it originated, that I became so connected.

The History of this Sacred Blue Lotus Flower

The magical Blue Lotus has been adored for thousands of years for its relaxation and aphrodisiac alchemy. This divine flower originates from Egypt where it was used in spiritual ceremonies to reach altered states of consciousness. 

Exploring the ancient temples of Egypt, I saw the power of this alluring elixir. The endearing messages in the hieroglyphics showed the flowers being used in the most devotional of ways. I learned that it was often placed in wine and offered during sex ceremonies. This was due to its aphrodisiac effects. It was so much more than this, though. There was a far deeper wisdom that this flower held. 

Did Blue Lotus Ritual Oil have the power to take those that had passed to the afterlife? Each day the flowers go through a death and rebirth journey. They immerse themselves in the water at night, and rise with the sun the next day. Perhaps this is why they symbolize the sun, rebirth, and creation. 

Blue Lotus Oil Benefits

Blue Lotus Ritual Oil is a beautiful potion for your body, mind, and soul. It is great for enhancing your mood, improving liver function, preventing fat absorption, calming the nervous system, stimulating dopamine, boosting the metabolism, invoking deep meditation, lowering cholesterol, reducing stress, clearing mucus, strengthening the immune system, preventing heavy menstruation, supporting fertility, increasing libido, reducing inflammation, deepening sleep, and reaching a lucid dreaming state.

Blue Lotus Ritual Oil also works on the pituitary gland which supports your body to regulate feminine hormones, bringing them back into balance, and restoring the yin energies of the body.

With all these benefits, there is no surprise why Blue Lotus flower was used so preciously. This wisdom had been lost, but now it is spreading across the globe. I know I found it at the perfect time, so if you are reading this and thinking of trying Blue Lotus; maybe this is yours? 

“Allow the Blue Lotus to guide you back home to your heart. It’s time to remember who you are.”

Blue Lotus

How to use Blue Lotus

Blue lotus can be experienced in many ways; from smoking to aromatherapy, topically and internally. 

I love to have it as a tea. To make a blue lotus tea, boil 5-10 grams for 5 minutes, and then allow it to steep for 15-20 more minutes. 5 grams is the minimum dose per person, but 10 grams is the perfect dose for most people. When it’s boiling, I cherish the intoxicating aroma by placing my face over the pot and embracing the steam. It is such a sweet aroma that warms my heart, and takes me away. You can add a bit of lemon or honey if you desire. 

Once consumed, the Blue Lotus effects of the tea are experienced at around 25 minutes. The effects do vary from person to person. If you are wondering how long does blue lotus stay in your system? It really varies from person to person.

When choosing what Blue Lotus Tea to purchase be sure to buy one that has all parts of the flower. Each part has its own charm, and without one element the alchemical reaction just isn’t the same. The flower colour when dried is a blue/purple with a yellow center. I really love this brand so much.

How to use Blue Lotus Oil

It is also so divine to use on your skin for its healing qualities, and as a perfume. This blend with moringa oil is so luxurious, lightweight and gentle on the skin (plus it smells SO DIVINE). I use this everyday, it has not only lifted my vibration when I use it, but it’s helped to balance my complexion and prevent breakouts. Blue Lotus has many benefits. I will share more about this at some stage, but if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message. 

My Ritual

Blue Lotus Ritual Oil is so close to my heart and I hope this post sharing my experience will inspire you to work with this flower too. As I have so much admiration for this holy elixir, I went on a journey to find a brand that I aligned with. I found Ritual Oils. I love how they promote self love and daily ritual. They have a beautiful face oils, amazing blue lotus tea, and crystal face rollers which are just divine. They have been such an integral part of my journey these past few months, so much so that I have become an affiliate for them.  So if you would like to experience the magic of Blue Lotus, you can use the discount code ‘purelotus’ and you will receive a discount off your purchase. 

If you are as passionate about igniting your intuition as much as me, you might love my e-book “From Fear to Intuition”.

Jodie xx 

jodie louise

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