The Most Spiritual Places in the World

What are the most spiritual places in the world?

Have you ever been to a new place and felt a strong energy? Just known it’s a place that you need to be? It almost feels as if a magnet is pulling you in?

This has been my journey the last 8 years when I started to travel for most of the year to most spiritual places in the world. I followed my heart, and used it as a compass to guide me. I cannot count the amount of times I have said to myself “I dont know why I am going here, but I know that I need to”.

I was lucky enough to go to the mystical Stonehenge when I was 12. I remember being absolutely mind blown by the sheer size of the giant stones. I pondered as to how or why they were there. It was at that moment I knew there was something greater than me.

Since then I have been on over 100 flights to explore this magical planet! It has become my passion to see the most magical places on earth. I have already ticked off many spiritual places on my bucket list.

Where are the most spiritual places in the world?

There are spiritual places scattered all over this enchanting planet. Most of these sites are ancient landmarks like a volcano or pyramid, and between each site is a ley line connecting them all together.

You might call them mother earth’s veins that spread energy and information from place to place. Where two or more ley lines pass each other it is said to be a spiritual place for healing and ceremony. Many describe some of these places as earth’s chakras.

Ley lines are often in line with underground streams and magnetic currents. These energetic vortexes include Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza; maybe this explains their unexplainable architecture?

Many cultures around the world have an understanding of these unique ley lines; China calls them ‘Dragon Lines’, South America ‘Spirit Lines’ and Australia ‘Dream Lines’. What is also fascinating is that where these ley lines meet that they also align perfectly with the astrological constellations!

At these spiritual places all over the planet, people gather in community together. You can see they are all searching for something similar. Knowing that there is something there they must find, and what they normally find is themselves.

This might explain why people are drawn to certain parts of the world. Maybe they are attracted to this frequency as it’s needed for their growth and expansion?

Many find that so much occurs within themselves when they visit one of these spiritual places. Anything out of alignment comes to the surface to be seen and healed. These sites magnify where change needs to occur to allow true healing to take place. I know this was certainly the case for me.

It is far greater than our own healing however. These high vibrational spiritual places around the world work together as energetic vortexes, forming a grid around the planet to keep everything on earth in balance.

Uluru, Australia

For sure one of the most magical places on earth. The native Australian Aboriginals believe that Uluru is the spiritual place where their ancestors were born. Dating back more than 500 million years, anything is possible! Uluru can be found in the centre of Australian dessert. This magnetic point connects to Lake Titicaca and Uluwatu by the female great dragon ley line, known as the rainbow serpent in Australia. The giant rock is quite remarkable. It even changes colors according to the weather, varying from bright red to dark gray and black; it even once turned violet. I was born in Australia and I certainly feel its magic, but I am yet to visit Uluru. I am excited for that day to come.

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is one of the spiritual places I am sure you have heard of. The Great Pyramid of Giza is named as one of the seven wonders of the world. After seeing it for myself, I can see why. It’s unbelievable that even in this day and age with all the technology we have, we couldn’t create the pyramids with the precision they have been built. So who created them? Were they created by extraterrestrials? Perhaps the Pharaoh’s alignment with the energetic grid made it possible? It remains a beautiful mystery, but the ley lines could very well have something to do with it. It is interesting that this is the only energy center that isn’t linked to the male or female great dragon ley line however. I am so fascinated with the magic of Egypt, and it has very much inspired my teachings. When I was in Egypt I connected with the Blue Lotus Flower and I now use it in ceremonies on my retreats, and in workshops.

Mount Shasta, California

This beautiful California landscape is an energetic icon in the USA. The volcano is surrounded by dark green forests which stretch all the way to the sacred site of Oregon. People longing for spiritual growth and healing frequently visit this spectacular location because of its extremely potent energy that is said to awaken the crown chakra for a higher connection to oneself. Native Americans share stories of the volcano being the center of the universe and many ceremonies still take place there. It is also believed to be the dimensional gate of the Lemurian civilization.

Mount Kalias, Himalayan Mountains

Open your eyes to see your true self on this sacred mountain in Tibet. A spiritual place to connect to the higher astral planes for insights from other dimensions.

For years this has been a pilgrimage site for many religions including Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Tibetans. When walking the mountain it is recommended to circle clockwise in the direction of the earth’s chakras energy to cultivate it.


By far my favorite of all the spiritual places I have been to. Bali is said to be the purification center of the planet! There are 6 purification regions in Bali which circulate and cleanse the energetic blood of the earth. No wonder so many people come to Bali for healing. There really is no healing place in the world quite like it. As soon as I step foot on the land I feel a unique energy that is difficult to describe in words. The spiritual island is known for its 1000 temples and 1 million offerings which are made every day.

There are 6 ley lines in Bali passing through 6 sights where the energy of each of the elements are purified. Starting at Uluwatu Temple the Rainbow Serpent (Great Female Dragon) from Australia arrives to be purified of the earth element. It then passes through the sacred volcanic mountain; Mount Batur. This active volcano purifies the energy with the element of fire. From Lake Titicaca in Peru the great male dragon line (quetzalcoatl current) arrives to be cleansed of the water element at Batakau Temple. This sits on one of the highest peaks in Bali. The energy then makes its way to Mount Agung to clean the air element. The magical Tirta Empul springs are found at the base of Mount Agung. The Mother Temple is the central vortex. The holy spring water from the mountain is used by the locals of Bali for performing rituals to purify. Pulaki in the northwest of Bali is the 6th purification vortex. It is said to be a dimension portal to purify the ether.

Bali gets an extra long section because it’s very special to me. I used to spend 2-3 months of a year there and then during the pandemic got gratefully stuck there for 3 years and met the love of my life that I am now changing the world with.

Maui, Hawaii

All of the islands of Hawaii have many ley lines crossing, which makes the entire region extremely high in energy. Like Mt Shasta this is also said to be the location of the ancient Lemuria. The Haleakala volcano in Maui however has a very unique energy. Perhaps because it matches the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 cycles per second. This is the same frequency of the heart and mother earth. With the energy of Maui being so feminine it gets the name “Mother Maui”. The view from the top of this volcano is breathtaking, especially at sunrise. I am particularly drawn to Hawaii and have a feeling I will be there one day soon.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca carries the energy like a womb of creation. It is known as a sacred gateway to birth new ideas and balance s3xual energy. There are two ley lines intersecting the Lake, one that connects with Mount Shasta. This area really does take your breath away and not too far from Machu Picchu and Cuzco, which carry this captivating energy as well. Twelves miles away from the Lake in Bolivia, you can also find the ancient site, Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku). In South America this is like Stonehenge to England or the Great Pyramid to Egypt. I haven’t been to Peru, but I did have a very interesting experience when I was in Egypt and my friend was in Peru. We kept feeling each other’s energy almost as if the places were connected somehow. How cool is that?

Stonehenge, Avalon & Glastonbury

There are many ley lines running through all of Britain but the lines around this area is particularly interesting with an intersection of 14 lines at Stonehenge. Here you find over 100 upright stones in a circular shape which is said to be an ancient burial site. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw them. Here the female great dragon ley lines connect all the way to Uluru in Australia, plus many other sacred sites around the world. Could it also be a communication portal to the 5th dimension? In the area there have been multiple sightings of crop circles, and other extraterrestrial activity. Let’s not forget Glastonbury being the home of Avalon, Merlin and King Arthur. As well as the territory of the beautiful Druid people. I felt so much magic when I explored Stonehenge; there is for sure something greater than us!

But wait there’s more…

Other spiritual places that are said to be a big part of the energetic grid include Antigua (Guatemala), Cape Town (South Africa), Sedona (Arizona), Moscow (Russia), The Bermuda Triangle, Es Vedra (Ibiza), Jerusalem (Israel), Lake Rotopounamu (New Zealand), Mt Fuji (Japan), Lake Louise (Canada), Tulum (Mexico), Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and many more.

Perhaps you have found yourself drawn to a healing place not on this list? Trust that wherever you are called is a magical place just for you. Everywhere carries a unique vibration; all of the earth is sacred.

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