I share my story of what I did to heal my gut for the women out there who’ve been told they can’t heal from their digestive issues. I was once one of them.

Before I rose to where I am today as a digestive health specialist, I suffered for years with severe digestive issues, acne, psoriasis, body pain, inflammation, depression, & anxiety.

Feeling overwhelmed & like you’ve tried it all? I know I did. I tried every doctor & natural remedy under the sun.

Through my journey, I finally discovered how I could move from illness to wellness & finally heal my gut.

It was only then I recognized that my ability to heal lay deep within.

I’m Jodie Louise…

I had a very pure start to life. My beautiful parents raised me vegetarian & I didn’t eat any processed foods until the age of 5. Unfortunately, when I discovered a love for candy & sweets, I began binge eating & hiding the evidence.

As a young teen, my addictive behavior fully manifested in my unhealthy body image obsession. I over-practiced yoga & often exercised twice a day. I had amazing abs, but never felt good enough & was always so tired.

With the arrival of my period, I developed skin problems. I never felt so ugly. In my desperation, I followed doctor’s orders & spent the next 10 years on the Pill. Birth control suppressed my natural processes & my body never had the chance to regulate naturally. I have since realized this synchronicity is a powerful & magical part of being a woman. 

As I grew up, I was still using food to escape the pain I repressed deep down. I continued with poor food habits & yo-yo dieting. I would eat until I passed out & then follow my binge with an intense detox to try to heal my gut.



I can’t remember ever feeling good in my belly growing up. I was so bloated, I genuinely looked pregnant! I did everything to try to heal my gut but nothing would work.

Unhealthy habits & addictions caused me to develop some pretty awful digestive issues. I had the feeling of never quite being empty & had embarrassing, smelly gas. The constant pain in my stomach wiped my energy. It felt like I was constantly carrying bricks around in my belly.

These digestive issues manifested in other areas of my body. I developed psoriasis all over, my hormones were out of balance, & I had terrible cystic acne. But my physical health wasn’t the only thing falling apart! My crippling anxiety combined with my low immune function left me struggling to fully enjoy life.

I spent thousands of dollars on different medical specialists trying to find the answers, with no changes. I craved feeling normal & at home in my body. 

Intuitively, I knew the right path had to be one more natural. Already, my body’s intuition began to show me the truth. I sought out alternative health practitioners, a digestive health specialist & took supplements. But still, no one could name my issue. Practitioners just put me on an endless amount of experimental diets.

My existence was a boomerang– constantly in motion but always coming back to the same spot. I was convinced I would never heal my gut.

So I began to detox my body & my life.

At this point, I was living in Ibiza, addicted to being a party girl. Partying became my new means of avoidance. Intoxicating my body to excess too often compounded all my years of gut health issues. I finally reached a breaking point in the summer of 2015, when everything came crashing down & I knew that I had to get out.

I knew I needed a radical change in my life to heal my gut. I went cold turkey & renounced the party scene forever. I needed to undo all those years of self-sabotage & terrible lifestyle choices. I began to understand the power of the body & its ability to heal itself.

I dove wholeheartedly into detoxing my life on every level. I started to cleanse my body of all the toxins accumulated over the years. When I realized exactly how much waste I was holding in my colon I was totally blown away by what change was possible.

From here I finally start to attract the most beautiful friends into my life & the most transformational experiences. I felt the universe really had my back with this new way of living.

I realized that it was actually possible to feel light & joyful after more than 10 years of endless struggling to heal my gut.

“Oh my god” I thought. “I feel alive again!”

My path became more clear, but the ultimate way was not yet there. With so much information out there, I found all the detoxes I was trying overwhelming & frustrating. I lost myself in books & YouTube videos, taking one step forward & two steps back.

Yes, I saw big changes from the detox work I was doing, but I  still couldn’t find the root cause of my acne, digestive issues, fatigue & mood swings. I was trying everything to improve my digestion & “heal” myself, but nothing made me feel good or at home in my own body.

My digestion was still changing on a daily basis. None of the so-called detox, digestive health specialist, or nutritional experts I followed could determine precisely why that was happening.

The “Aha moment” was when I realized that my digestion was actually shifting with the different phases of my hormonal cycle. No wonder I wasn’t able to heal my gut.


That was when I made an AMAZING discovery that changed everything to heal my gut…

I discovered that nearly all research on diets & detoxes only studied…wait for it…MEN!

It became SO clear that in my journey to detox to heal my gut, I had mostly been following male “experts”! These male experts were advising women on how to detox without any understanding of the true nature of the female body or the intricacies of detoxing in alignment with hormonal cycles.

I discovered how holistic the entire detox journey needs to be for women. Detox for women is not just about the technical elements of what a woman is eating or which cleanse she is doing, but also how in sync & connected she is with nurturing her feminine flow.

After years of searching & struggling, I finally found the wisdom that always existed deep within to heal my gut & my life.

Without digestive problems holding me back, I’ve been able to thrive physically, spiritually, & financially.

  • I’ve overcome my severe digestive issues, hormonal acne, & 95% of my psoriasis.
  • My connection to my cycle is so strong that I feel so empowered as a women.
  • I fulfilled my desire of travelling the world, thriving in beautiful places & communities.
  • I spend my days creating, supporting women on their own journeys, & living an abundant life.
  • I am more in alignment to myself & to the world. I have the freedom to do the things that I love without the constant, panicked control over what to eat.
  • I can trust my body & its intelligence. I am clear & able to listen to my intuition, with a deeper knowledge of what my body truly wants

Today, I guide women on how to relinquish control as a digestive health specialist to heal their digestion, & reconnect to their bodies by detoxing their lives on every level.

Goddess, you deserve it.

Once you learn to stop approaching health like a man, you can discover the sacred gifts of your feminine body as well as an abundance of gratitude for its ability to create life in every way!

Helping women align with their digestion is now my life’s work. If you are a woman experiencing digestive woes, that’s why I’m here. It is my deepest wish to support you to reconnect with your feminine cycle & guide you to where I am today.

My Training

  • Cellular Detox & Regeneration Coach – Living Mucus Free
  • Psilocybin Mentor Activation Program – Oneness University 
  • Holistic Nutrition & Raw Cuisine Level 1 & 2 – Rawvolutionist (Aurora Ray)
  • Cooking Internship – New Earth Cooking School Bali
  • Cacao Heart Initiation – Arktara Rose
  • The Art of Fermentation – Tereza Mansilla
  • Healing with Aloe Vera – Patrizia Bronzi
  • Abdominal Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang 1 & 2) -The Heart of Healing
  • Awakened Leadership Retreat – The Tender Edge (Rick Smith)
  • Authentic Relating  – The ART of Being Human Level 1 – ART International (Rick Smith)
  • Fully Expressed 2 Day Workshop– Jaymin J. Patel
  • Living Tantra Retreat & The Art of Loving Men – Embodied Awakening Academy (Chantelle Raven & Aaron Klienerman)
  • Making Love a Priority – Dharma Raj
  • Priestess School (Tantra, Shamanism, Shadow Work, Yoni Egg Mastery, Goddess Initiation, Taoism, De-Armouring & the Sacred Feminine) Modules 1,2 & 3 – Sofia Sundari
  • Egypt Pilgrimage & Wild Goddess Activation – Sarah Jane Perman
  • Ordained Shamanic Minister – Venus Rising Association for Transformation
  • Shamanic Yoga Teacher (200hr), Astrology & Breathwork – Levi Banner
  • Shamanic Astrology Practitioner – Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
  • Photography skills & Editing with Photoshop – TAFE SA
  • Video Production – Adelaide College of the Arts
  • Social Media for Business – TAFE SA
  • Bachelor of Marketing & International Business – Edith Cowan University

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