Yoni Crystal Egg Cleanser Oil & Toy Cleanser Spray

Care for Your Crystal Pleasure Tools

Keeping your pleasure toys clean and energetically aligned is essential for a fulfilling and safe experience, and I’m excited to share how easy and enjoyable this can be with the right products. Whether using a crystal egg or wand, or other crystal toys, having them cleansed and ready for your next session is crucial for hygiene and energetic integrity.

Yoni Egg Cleanser Oil: This is a favorite for your yoni crystal egg. It’s not just about keeping them clean; it’s about maintaining their energy too. Infused with antibacterial essential oils that also promote relaxation and connection, this cleanser ensures your crystal toys are energetically reset and ready for your loving touch. The natural oils not only cleanse but also help to strengthen your bond with the toys, enhancing your sessions of self-love and exploration.

Toy Cleanser Spray: When it comes to your non-porous toys like those made of glass, silicone, or steel, the Toy Cleanser Spray is the go-to. This powerful spray includes ingredients that ensure a thorough clean while being gentle on your toys. Added moonstones in the formula connect you to your intuitive and grounded feminine energy, making the cleansing process a part of your ritual in connecting with your body and your pleasure.

Whether you’re new to crystal toys or a seasoned enthusiast, these cleansing products are essential for anyone looking to care for their toys with the same love and attention they give to themselves during their pleasure practices. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your beloved tools are well-cared for, enhancing your journey towards personal fulfillment and pleasure.

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