Mycelia: Fermented Mushroom Polysaccharides

Key Features of Mycelia:

  • Rich in Polysaccharides: Known for their immuno-stimulating and anti-tumor effects.
  • Highly Bioavailable: Thanks to the advanced fermentation processes, the enzymes are small in molecule size and highly active.
  • Taste and Efficacy: Not only does it taste good, but it also provides potent health benefits with every sip.

Recommended for: Individuals dealing with inflammatory conditions, allergies, immune system challenges, sexual dysfunction, neurological symptoms, or cardiovascular issues will find Mycelia particularly beneficial. It’s crafted to be a strengthener and protector, addressing both specific health issues and overall wellness.

Mycelia, a masterful blend of fermented mushrooms designed to enhance your well-being and protect your health. Crafted from the finest selection of mushrooms, it’s not just a supplement; it’s a guardian of your health, leveraging the ancient wisdom and regenerative power of mushroom polysaccharides.

Why Choose Mycelia?

Mycelia is a beacon of health, created with a unique three-stage process that includes chelation, warm neutralization, and deep integration fermentation, ensuring that every drop is packed with bioavailable mushroom polysaccharides. These potent compounds are renowned for their ability to stimulate the immune system, exhibit anti-tumor properties, and enhance overall vitality. You’re not only nourishing your body; you’re embarking on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness.

Embrace the natural efficacy of Mycelia and experience a noticeable uplift in your immune health and bodily harmony. The polysaccharides in our formula are known for their profound impact on reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and supporting cardiovascular and neurological health. Mycelia offers a nourishing, holistic approach to managing your well-being, perfect for those seeking to cultivate a vibrant and resilient body.

Suggested Use: For optimal benefits, mix 25ml (1.5 tablespoons) of Mycelia with 250ml (8.5oz) of lukewarm water. Take it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals, twice daily, to fully harness its potential. If you are experiencing acute conditions, such as intestinal inflammation or ulcers, begin by taking Mycelia with meals and gradually transition to the recommended usage.

Ingredients of Mycelia: Mycelia combines an impressive array of mushroom extracts including Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake, enhanced with natural boosters like Rhodiola and Eleutherococcus. This blend is free from artificial additives, ensuring a pure and effective formula.

Harness the ancient wisdom and regenerative power of mushrooms with Mycelia—your ally in achieving a harmonious, healthy life.

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