A Detox Workshop for Women

Learn to detox in a feminine way

at Yoga Barn Ubud Bali

Reclaim your Female Superpowers

Join me for a detox workshop to support you to: 

  • Balance your hormones & connect to your cycle
  • Biohack your health through nutrition & yoga
  • Work with your cycle to optimise your life
  • Learn how to safely detox for glowing skin, healthy weight & energy levels
  • Prevent UTI’s, painful periods & PMS
  • Overcome uncomfortable digestive issues & food addictions
  • Discover the best forms of contraception & improve your fertility

For years I had severe digestive issues, acne, psoriasis, hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, body pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety.  

I tried all the different diets but nothing seemed to work!

This led me on a journey to see over 100 different practitioners, read endless books and study holistic health, detox, nutrition and more to try to escape from the lifestyle that was killing me.  

After healing my own body it is now my mission to support women to bloom like the beautiful flowers that they are!

jodie louise

Hi I am Jodie Louise.

I’ve supported hundreds of goddesses to reconnect to their bodies, heal their digestion & feel levels of vitality they never knew were possible.

When I discovered that all health research was done on men I had the biggest “Aha moment”! Things finally started to make sense. I realized that women’s wisdom was suppressed. This sent me intuitively down a deep rabbit hole of reconnecting to my sacred feminine body.

Once I learned to stop approaching health like a man, I discovered the sacred gifts of my feminine body with so much gratitude for the ability to create life in every way!