Zendies Bamboo Underwear in Bali

A Miracle For Your Yoni & the Planet

Bamboo fabric women’s underwear is the best breathable underwear material & your solution to staying clean, fresh & dry all day long…Because there is nothing to make you feel less sexy in your favorite dress than looking like you just wet yourself!

Think about whether you’ve been here before: it’s a hot summer day & you step out of your house ready to take on the day, looking your best. Even before reaching the cafe, you are already beginning to sweat in your synthetic underwear. By midday, you already want a wardrobe change. As you ride your scooter home, your bum feels glued to the seat.

Have you had the same struggles in finding underwear that is comfortable & you like in Bali like me, loves? 

It can be super challenging trying to find comfy, breathable underwear for women in Bali that actually fits a real woman’s body. Let alone if you are a woman with sensitive skin, prone to UTIs, yeast infections, or bacterial overgrowth. Breathable underwear is essential with Bali’s humidity that isn’t doing you any favors, sisters! 

So is there a way to keep cool in the hot summer months? Is there any breathable underwear for women that can protect your yoni against the Bali humidity? Will it actually come in your size? 

Yes, sisters, there is. What’s more, there’s an option that not only keeps you looking fresher, it’s also better for your skin & better for our planet. 

Ditch the synthetic, sweaty fabrics & become a conscious consumer with Zendies Bamboo Underwear in Bali.

Zendies by The Zen Republic is Bali’s premiere eco-friendly, beyond-comfy ladies’ bamboo underwear line from mother nature! This line is mission driven & heart-centered. 

I am so excited to share this underwear line of breathable underwear in Bali that is eco-friendly & sustainable. 

Jodie Louise - Zendies Bamboo Underwear in Bali: A Miracle For Your Yoni & the Planet

This all sounds great.. But wait…..what’s wrong with synthetic fabrics?

  • Researchers have found that synthetic underwear doesn’t breathe, thus creating a less-than-ideal warmth & moisture situation that can lead to vaginal health issues. 
  • You may have heard of odor-absorbing fabric, & quite honestly, that sounds horrendous.  No fabric should absorb & trap odors, but that’s just what many synthetic performance-grade fabrics do. To do this, they rely on yucky chemical treatments. 
  • Most synthetic materials designed for sweat-related activities actually end up not just absorbing smells, but also trapping odor in the fabric fibers. Once trapt, these bad odors are almost impossible to remove. The last thing you want is permenantly smelly underwear!  
  • Harsh chemical treatments & synthetic fabrics have no business being anywhere near your vagina- trust me, your vaginal health will thank you sister!

But cotton is my go-to for breathable underwear. So bamboo fiber vs cotton underwear- How do they compare?

  • Cotton may be known for being breathable, but sister, in terms of the best breathable underwear for women, bamboo is the one! It is positively the most breathable underwear choice out there!
  • Cotton cultivation uses tons of water & often tons of nasty pesticides to grow the crops.
  • Certain bamboo materials are even softer than high thread count cotton- some say as soft as silk! The softer the material, the less irritation for your skin, leaving you feeling better where it counts. 
  • When it comes to bamboo vs cotton, bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton keeping your skin fresher, drier, & irritation free.
  • Bamboo naturally wicks away moisture up to four times faster than cotton. Bamboo is absolutely superior to cotton for keeping your cheeks fresh & dry.
  • Cotton may be the breathable underwear material favorite, but has none of the health benefits of bamboo, which naturally protects from bugs, dust mites, & pathogens!

So what exactly are all the benefits of bamboo underwear?

Too many to count sister- covering all the amazing benefits of bamboo is going to take awhile. Bamboo really is just that amazing. Keep reading & I promise you by the end, you will understand why this sustainable, natural material is the best option for your undies draw, budget, your sacred feminine body, & our planet. 

Bamboo fiber makes for the most breathable underwear option & the most flexible for your closet. The reason bamboo underwear is the most breathable underwear for ladies out there is because the fiber is naturally very porous & has tiny gaps in them that allow for air to flow freely in & out. The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric better moisture absorption & ventilation. Sister, with bamboo underwear, you & your yoni will stay fresh- even in humid Bali! 

Bamboo underwear is not only the most breathable underwear- it’s also the most versatile. It’s fibers expand when warm to let skin breathe & contract when cool to trap heat close to the body – perfect for ever changing weather. As a result, Bamboo fabric women’s underwear is able to keep the wearer almost two degrees cooler in the heat & noticeably warmer in the cold. This climate control wonder is perfect for both your summer & winter closet. 

Bamboo underwear is a lady’s very best friend 🍑

Bamboo’s naturally antibacterial & antifungal properties protect your vaginal health from mold, fungus, & bacteria! Breathable underwear protects your vaginal health & is the best underwear to prevent yeast infections, UTIs & bacterial overgrowth.

Put on a pair of bamboo underwear & you’ll think you are wearing silk. Sister, I’m not exaggerating- many compare bamboo underwear fabric as similar to the softness of silk undies. Since the fabric fibres are naturally smoother & rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin, this super soft breathable underwear is also hypoallergenic & perfect for those who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibres such as wool or hemp. Bamboo’s silky soft, hypoallergenic fibers make it perfect for sensitive skin. 

Bamboo’s naturally moisture-wicking fibers prevent unnecessary moistness & keeps your sacred feminine in balance. This highly durable, absorbent fabric dries quickly – meaning no more sweaty yoni marks on your clothes. 

It’s durability means it won’t lose its quality anytime soon. This means with bamboo underwear, you spend less money on future underwear replacement. Buying less new clothes saves you money & is better for mother nature too. 

 Bamboo underwear is naturally odor-resistant, meaning your lingerie drawer stays fresher for longer. In this breathable underwear, you’ll have no funny smells between your legs & feel sexy & confident in your skin. 

What makes bamboo underwear the best option for mother nature?

One of bamboo fiber’s most significant advantages is how eco-friendly it is! Worldwide, bamboo production is extremely sustainable, giving it a significant advantage when comparing bamboo vs cotton!  Bamboo grows at an almost miraculous rate & can be replanted & regrown on the same soil. This type of tropical grass grows on average four to six new shoots a year, naturally replenishing itself with less water than other crops like cotton. So ditch wasteful cotton & make bamboo your new eco-friendly fave!

Bamboo is your eco-closet’s best friend:

  • Bamboo is 100 percent biodegradable.
  • Bamboo’s rapid growth makes it one of most renewable resources on our planet.
  • Bamboo cultivation supports the air you breathe. Bamboo provides an abundance of usable oxygen & helps balance our atmosphere! 
  • Bamboo needs much less water to grow than more mainstream fabrics such as cotton. 
  • Bamboo doesn’t have any natural pests, so it doesn’t need pesticides in order to grow. Ladies, you probably don’t want pesticides anywhere near your yoni!
  • Bamboo is long lasting, making it a more sustainable option than other fabrics.
  • This durable fabric will maintain its quality & outlast the others. When you choose bamboo, you fight the evils of fast fashion & unnecessary waste. 
Zendies by the Zen Republic

Okay I’m sure you are convinced that bamboo underwear is an eco-dream! But what makes it heart-centered & how does wearing Zendies Bamboo Underwear support the people of Bali?  

Zendies by the Zen Republic is part of the efforts to create a better future for Bali. This mission driven brand material is championing a better fashion industry & a better product for your skin, all while supporting the economy of beautiful Indonesia, from Java to Bali. 

The pandemic has devastated Bali’s once flourishing tourism-based economy. The Balinese are hungry & desperate for work. The pandemic is keeping Balinese children from school while their parents’ hope for their future is fading. The Balinese are incredibly talented hardworking artisans & craftspeople who put out superior products imbued with spirituality & tradition of the Island of the Gods. 

By producing this sustainable product here in Bali, it’s not only supporting Indonesia to harvest their natural resources more sustainably, but also providing the Balinese with a viable, long-term alternative income to tourism that provides a more stable future. Sisters, in my opinion, a breathable underwear for women that gives back to both the planet & to the people is the best underwear for your closet. I am so excited to be a part of a brighter future for the beautiful island that has given me so much!

So ….why choose Zendies Bamboo Underwear in Bali?

Let me sum it up for you…

🌿 Beat Bali-level humidity & avoid sweat stains. Zendies Bamboo Underwear are porous & naturally moisture wicking, further protecting your skin & keeping you fresh. You’ll look beautiful in nice silk dresses without the embarrassment of looking like you wet yourself! 😂

🌿Perfect for Changing Weather. Whether you are in humid Bali & dreading the upcoming rainy season or colder climates, Zendies breathable underwear fibers expand when warm to allow ventilation & contract when cool to trap warm air.  

🌿Naturally antibacterial, antifungal, & odor resistant. Combined with bamboo’s natural antibacterial/antifungal properties, this naturally breathable underwear will not retain smell & will avoid mold/fungus. Synthetic materials trying to do the same thing use harsh chemicals.

🌿Safe & Healthy for Your Body. Bamboo grows so well that it typically doesn’t need chemical sprays. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, so it’s very important to wear conscious materials- especially down there! The white underwear uses an all natural dye-ing process & the black uses a skin-safe dye.

🌿Enjoy the Softness of Silk. Zendies women’s bamboo underwear fibers are rounder & smoother making them super softer your skin. 

🌿 Great for Sensitive Skin. The hypoallergenic natural fibers will not irritate sensitive skin. Choosing the most breathable underwear is particularly important for the sensitive sister. 

🌿Eco-friendly & Sustainable. Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly & sustainable option for clothing material on the market. Bamboo is fast-growing, clean, & 100% biodegradable–you can’t make a better choice for our beautiful planet. 

🌿Support Beautiful Indonesia. The bamboo is harvested from Java & your underwear is made here with so much love in Bali. When you purchase from Zendies & not from international manufacturers, you say thank you & support this beautiful country. 

You can trust Zendies…

Zendies Bamboo Women’s Underwear is OEKO-TEX®️ certified, a third-party assessment for product safety & standards. OEKO-TEX certification guarantees that your Zendies Bamboo Underwear is safe to you & truly eco-friendly. You simply cannot find another textile that performs as well as naturally as bamboo fabric does. 

Zendies Bamboo Underwear is not just the most breathable underwear for women, it’s the eco-friendly, skin safe alternative to synthetic materials— & the best kind for your health & comfort. So close that drawer on synthetics or cotton & put these babies on your behind!

I am now taking pre-orders on behalf of Zendies. If you would like to make an order please get in touch with me to discuss more. Email [email protected] or message me on WhatsApp at +61433433545.

Much love xx 

Jodie Louise