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Captivating images to showcase your property or development…

Do you have a property you wish to sell or a development you want to promote?

I can support you to capture images & videos sure to grab attention to sell your property or development.

I understand from working in this industry for more than 15 years what is required to create real estate videography & photography that make people stop & show the features they are looking for. Professional real estate photography requires a high level of attention to detail & the right equipment to accurately show room sizes & features.

Whether you want to sell a luxury establishment, a hotel, house & land packages or a huge development, I have the skills & understanding to not only provide you with images & videos to capture attention but to support you to understand the needs of your market. Before becoming a photographer I worked in high-level marketing roles within this industry.

I also work with incredible 3D renderers that can create both still images & fly-throughs; so let me know if you need this too. Plus my partner flies a drone which adds a completely different dimension to showing the surrounding location. Real estate drone photography is becoming an expectation now for many clients & is a wonderful way to stand out.

I have always loved architecture

I used to adore designing my dream home as a child. When I was in school I even did my work placement at an architectural & interior design firm & studied Feng Shui as a major in my last year of secondary school.

Growing up I loved traveling to sacred sites to explore the history of what came before this time. I feel such a connection through visiting these spaces. I have particularly loved exploring Egyptian temples, Mexican Pyramids & some of the oldest cities still standing in Turkey.

Throughout my adult life I have been a Marketing Manager for builders & real estate companies & have been part of bringing many developments to life through captivating imagery & marketing. This background made it feel natural to like photographing & filming villas too. 

During my advertising days, I would work with photographers to take photos. This led me to have extensive experience in knowing what types of photos will sell a house. I also have experience in coordinating 3D renders, videos, floor plans, etc if you ever need support in the digital creation of those.

Today I am part of the team at Inphinity Design making magic…


Jodie Louise Real Estate Development Architect Photographer

Real Estate Videography & Photography Portfolio

Check out the various photos & videos I have created over the years to share with you my unique style.

Let’s connect!

Connect with me if you’d like me to capture your establishments. I am open to creating, listening to your ideas & exploring all the possibilities with you!

You can book a call with me to discuss your project. I’d love to capture your establishment & bring it to life.