By Jodie Louise

Do you want to create high-quality videography to support your product/brand?

Are you hosting an online course or wish to share your story through digital storytelling? Or perhaps you are in the food industry & want to capture your creations on camera? With over 10 years of experience as a photographer & videographer creating content for social media, music videos, websites, magazines, TV, I can support you in cultivating a beautiful vision & share your gifts through captivating videography.

As well as creating content that can support your business, I’m also an event videographer specialising in retreats, weddings & yoga videography. I’d love to artfully tell your story by capturing your guests’ raw & beautiful emotions.

Take a look at the below highlights video, which is some of my favourite moments as a videographer over the years & scroll down to find more information on the different videography types that I specialise in.

Online Training & Courses

Have you moved over to digital teaching & want to share your offerings with your student over the internet? I can help you capture your authentic essence through high quality, engaging videos that you can use for online courses & individual training sessions. With over 10 years of experience in photography & videography, marketing, advertising & business, it feels natural for me to support people shinestep into their power.

Share your story

Connect with others & share your offerings through digital storytelling. This is one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand & inspire people into their creative power. You can use video storytelling in your social media platforms & digital marketing campaigns.  Together we’ll capture your magic & share your message through engaging & relatable videography.


Together we’ll capture the essence of your dishes & present your food in a way that aligns with your vision. As a food photographer & videographer, I find myself sharing my passion for plant-based food with the world through my work. Whether you prefer your kitchen, an alternative location, or an outdoor area, I’ll set up the perfect space to present your creations in a stimulating, authentic, & mouth-watering way.


Are you a yoga teacher in need of beautiful & professional videography for your personal brand or retreat? Or perhaps you are an avid yogi/yogini, & you want to give yourself the gift of honoring your practice with a personal video shoot? As a professional yoga photographer & videographer, I’m here to guide you to show off your strength & beauty!  We will work together to create a vision for your images with the perfect location and time to complement your style & asanas.

Products & Brands

Promote your product & brand through captivating videography. Video marketing is the key way to promote your products, stand out from the crowd & make your brand shine. Videos content allows you to target your specific audience through targeted marketing campaigns. With years of professional experience, I can help you turn your concepts & strategies into high-quality & tangible results.


Do you want to capture the experience of your retreat in through videography so you can show your community what to expect? I have years of experience in capturing the magic of retreats & teacher trainings through retreat photography & videography. You can trust me with all of the media needs for your retreat, knowing that you’ll end up with beautiful photos & videos, artfully telling your retreats story.


As a fashion photographer, videographer & branding expert, I have a unique eye for fashion & marketing. I’ll create high-quality content that showcases your brand & builds stronger brand loyalty. Whether you are launching a new fashion line or want to capture a specific fashion event, I can curate the perfect setting to document your unique style & the beauty of your models.


Keep your big day in focus & capture memories that will last a lifetime. Highlight the magic of your event through captivating videography while providing yourself with a platform to share your vision. Event photography & videography is essential if you want to maximise your reach, deliver key messages & let your customers sell your brand for you!


Embrace the unique experience of catching your love story on film. I’m a wedding photographer & videographer & I’d love to capture the rawbeautiful emotions of you and your guests on your special day.I specialise in shooting beautifultimeless footage while maintaining a style that is unique to you. It’s my passion to document your wedding story by creating a romanticnatural video that will be treasured forever.


For the past 3 months, Jodie has guided me on my detox journey and to myself. I now make better choices in what to consume as I listen to my body. I eat without any guilt as I understand what my body needs. I am so grateful to have found you Jodie!

Working with Jodie has been a transformational experience. For me, Jodie felt like so much more than just a coach. She is there for you, always, with so much love, understanding, and support. She is such a pure and radiant being and has so much wisdom and love to offer. Through working with Jodie I have rediscovered my own divine wisdom. I feel so connected to my body again. Appreciating every part of me, trusting my own guidance system!

Jodie Louise is incredible to work with. She has a beautiful way of guiding others that I feel supported and guided on every step of my journey. She has such an extensive knowledge on so many topics I have been able to heal part of my mind, body and soul on so many different levels and in so many different ways. I can’t express how much she has helped me over time. She is the best!

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As a traveling nomad, I am often on the move. I have been lucky enough to travel across the world photographing the most magical locations including Bali, Turkey, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, Singapore, Mexico & Egypt. Keep up to date with where I am on Instagram here.