Unlock your feminine superpowers at each phase of your hormonal cycle

Live by the wisdom of your hormonal cycle

understanding your menstrual cycle

We women are cyclic beings & when we don’t live by our hormonal cycle, we create blockage in our path…

Does this sound like you? For a certain amount of time in a month, you feel like you’re a superwoman who can conquer Mount Everest, all fired up and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way…

Then, 2 weeks later, you feel exhausted, like a hot mess & not wanting to do anything other than satisfy your sweet tooth & nap?

One minute you feel like you’re the master of your emotions, all zen & peaceful, only to become an emotional wreck a week after?

Then you spiral back & feel extremely productive; you make plans for your day from am to pm down to the T, only to feel burned out, sleep-deprived & stressed 2 weeks later?

Your hormones are constantly changing..

I feel you, sisters. If all the above sounds familiar to you, don’t worry. It is actually very normal for women to go through this on a monthly basis. This is because your body is cyclical by nature. The hormonal ups & downs responsible for your ovulation & menstruation also run the other systems of your body.

Believe it or not, your hormones affect you physically & emotionally on a daily basis. That is why understanding your hormonal cycle is so important.

They affect… Your mood, response to external things, decision making, energy levels & motivation.

Sister, you are a constantly evolving goddess

If you ever wonder why you’re going through this roller coaster of changes & men don’t, well the answer is because your hormones follow an infradian clock, whereas men’s hormone production follows a 24-hour circadian clock.

The thing is, my love, your infradian clock doesn’t just determine when you bleed & ovulate, but it also directs 6 key systems of your body – your brain, metabolism, immune response, stress response & reproductive system!

Your infradian cycle is changing 6 key systems of your body over the course of your monthly cycle.

That explains a lot, doesn’t it!?

Menstruation phase

Health & wellness trends ignore feminine hormonal cycles

Less than 5% of studies done in medical fitness & nutrition include women. This means that all those hyped-up trends advertised as being “ideal” for your health & wellness were designed mainly for those of the circadian clock, aka MEN. OMG, right?!

So by now, you have probably realized that your body operates & functions differently from a man’s. Therefore, the crucial factor in being connected with your highest self is aligning your life with your hormonal cycle!

Reading and relaxing

So how can you make your hormonal cycle your superpower?

The answer is actually very simple, my lovelies. It’s all in understanding your menstrual cycle & which phase you are in.

There are 4 main phases in a menstruating woman’s cycle: The Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulatory & Luteal phases.

When you understand these monthly phases & live in alignment with that your hormonal cycle, you’ll support your productivity, digestion, sex life & more!

Menstrual cycle productivity awareness is is game changer!

Let me break it down for you, goddesses.

Before reading this guide to understanding your menstrual cycle, it’s important to remember that very womans’ body is different. Each woman’s moon cycle is unique & the following may differ. This is a guide based on the average woman’s cycle. Because each woman is unique in their own ways, I always encourage women to track their cycles to become familiar with their cyclical changes. 

The Menstruation Phase

This phase typically lasts from 3 – 7 days. This is where your energy level tends to be lower than usual. You may feel exhausted, withdrawn & introspective.

Hormonal changes during menstruation occur as they do with every phase you are in. During this phase your hormones are at their lowest.

You might also experience cravings for some alone time, therefore I suggest you empty your calendar during these days & take time for yourself.

Avoid being ambitious or making important decisions during the phase as it will cause your body to stress more. The menstruation phase is the perfect time for you to slow down, pay attention to how you feel & honour your body.

At this phase, you may be experiencing cramps & nausea that make you want to snuggle in bed all day. However, sisters, the menstruation phase is actually the perfect time for you to organize & set goals.

Consider rearranging, simplifying & removing some unnecessary tasks & creating a new system of organization that will support you better in your work.

Menstruation phase

How to Align During the Menstruation Phase

Your intuition & gut feeling is also heightened during this phase, making it the best time to focus on inner & emotional work. Devote a day during this phase for self-improvement & mindfulness. Reflect on all your efforts in the previous month & whether or not it is serving you well. Really go deep with these questions, as this is the time where your right & left brain are communicating, resulting in heightened ability in accessing analytical & intuitive reasoning.

Sisters, be gentle with yourself during this phase. This is the time where you slow things down, reflect, rest & ground yourself. Avoid launching a new program, ideas, service or product when you’re in your menstruation phase & minimize speaking engagements, like sales calls or presentations. Instead, allow yourself to have slower days where you get in touch with your intuition & set your goals for the coming month based on what feels authentic to you.

The Follicular Phase

The Follicular Phase of the menstrual cycle is the time where you feel like your skin is glowing & you are in touch with your extroverted side.

This is the time where both your estrogen & testosterone start to boost your energy, mood & brain skills, resulting in you feeling more confident & powerful.

Your lower levels of cortisol mean less physical & emotional stress all around.

This is the phase where your testosterone starts to heighten your libido & at the same time makes you feel more impulsive. Therefore, this phase is a good time to initiate & plan for that new project you’ve been wanting to do.

Take advantage of this phase by brainstorming ideas for new projects with a coworker or business partner, as this is also the time where your social skills are at their peak.

The Follicular Phase is Your time to Shine

My love, the Follicular Phase is your “Superpower” phase. Your estrogen is increasing, making you feel like you’re ready for the world. You may find you have more energy, need less sleep, feel less inner conflict & are a multitasking master.

This is a good time to dream big. Plan the month ahead, start a new project, make that pitch, launch a program & take risks. Maximize your work time without feeling overwhelmed.

The self reflection & questioning you did during your Menstruation Phase will serve you during the Follicular Phase. Put all that inner work to use by taking action in your life & working on your big projects.

It’s go time, sisters!

The Ovulatory Phase

The Ovulatory Phase comes right after the Follicular Phase. This phase is the four days in the middle of your hormonal cycle. Your ovary releases your egg to flow through your uterus.

This is the phase where you will feel more confident about your appearance & you look even more attractive too due to the level of estrogen & testosterone rising. Even your sense of sight, taste & smell will become stronger too at this phase.

In this phase, you will notice your feminine superpowers most online making it is a great time to launch a program, take sales calls, speak on stages & network. 

Your energy level is high, so plan something in your day that requires a lot of energy, like product launches or program schedules. Sisters, you will be able to tackle more tasks that usually make you feel drained. Just like during your ovulatory phase, your cortisol levels are lower, meaning you will be less vulnerable to stress.


During your Ovulatory Phase of the menstrual cycle, be brave & speak your truth!

Your articulation skills & natural pheromones increase at this phase, making your verbal skills level at their highest peak, so it’s the perfect time to have important conversations, go to social gatherings, do a podcast, film your content, book a photoshoot, conduct presentations or negotiate deals. If you’re looking into asking for a raise at your work, now is the time

Take advantage of your confidence & glow. Use this beautiful time to not only tackle your marketing goals, but also fill your social calendar. This time is a short, but magical period for every woman, so take advantage!

Hormonal Cycle

The Luteal Phase

The Luteal Phase has two halves that typically last from 12 – 16 days. In the first half of this phase you are probably still hyped up from the Ovulatory Phase, so be sure to use that to your advantage, because soon your progesterone production will increase & you will start to slow down. Your brain will focus more on details too, so it’s a good time for you to schedule events for the busier times in your cycle. This phase is also a great time for you to organize & take care of your personal to-do list, like book-keeping or accounting.

The second half of this phase – the last week of your cycle, before your period comes – is when your creative juices start flowing. Spend some time to work creatively in visual arts, blog posts, articles, or create a program to share with the world. Your hormone fluctuations may make you feel more introverted & the thoughts that come up are directed towards self-reflection. Is there something in your life you want to change? Any vital life decisions you’d like to make? Sisters, now is the time.

Productivity & Self-Care During the Luteal Phase

Your energy levels are lowering, so try to work less, if possible & really focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about a million things. The Luteal Phase of your hormonal cycle is the perfect time for you to listen inward & review all the goals you have set for yourself. Be very intentional with your self-care regime as your body starts to slow down in preparation for the Menstruation Phase all over again.

Understanding your hormonal cycle & which stage you are in can go a long way for your personal & professional life. By deeply knowing your cycle, you will be able to take advantage of your hormone fluctuations & structure what you’re working on around what’s going on in your body. Living your life this way can mean that not only you’ll feel more productive & accomplished, but you’ll also be able to give yourself a break & the self-care you so deserve.

Tracking Your Hormonal Cycle for Greater Self-Understanding

Since following these methods, I have had a far deeper awareness of my hormonal cycle & was able to identify that I had estrogen dominance & not enough progesterone. I started to track ovulation more closely & live my life more in sync with my body’s needs. Now, I rarely even need the guide as I just know what my body is trying to communicate with me.

You’ll be able to use this hormonal cycle chart to support you in reconnecting with your body, learn how to balance your hormones through a plant-based diet, & dive deeper into other techniques you can adopt as a cyclic woman. If you want to track your hormonal cycle, you will love this guide

In this guide, you will focus on the four different phases of your hormonal cycle & learn how to nourish your body, physically & mentally, during each phase.

A plant-based guide to balancing your hormones

Sisters, embrace your hormonal cycle & unlock your feminine superpowers!

Understanding your menstrual cycle is the first step dear one…

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