These Detox Tools Will Change Your Life!

Say goodbye to your body toxins with these detox tools

My lovelies, I’m going to share with you some of the best detox tools that you can use to maximize your detox process. I have personally used these tools whenever I do my detox & they work like a charm every time in making me feel like a unicorn all the time again. 

I’ve put together a list of some of the best detox tools out there to make detoxing as safe, beneficial, & enjoyable as possible for you. 


If you want to explore water, dry, juice or fruit fasting, I would recommend purchasing an enema bag, as this can clean out your colon of body toxins. Not only does this make things more comfortable, it gives you better results too. Let me share with you a little about why enemas are so effective during a fast. Your intestines are basically a dumping ground of the body & when you are fasting, it starts its cleansing process by dumping all the waste & body toxins into the large intestine; some are the waste & toxins that have been in your body for years. So, while you are fasting, your intestines are heavily filled with toxins. Ew!

Therefore, it is important to use an enema to make sure your intestines dump all the toxic waste out of your body. If you suffer from wondering how to manage constipation, enemas are a must-have detox tools for your home!

Get your enema bag HERE & start dumping toxic waste out of your body & life. Bye, body toxins!

If you are wondering how on earth I do an enema don’t worry. It’s not as scary or weird as you might think. It’s actually something most people love so much they want to make it part of their daily practice. However, it’s good to not rely on enemas to ensure your body knows what to do naturally.

Tongue Scraping

When you detox, your body tries to get rid of unnecessary substances in your body in different ways – like a thick, white coating on your tongue, for example. To get rid of this, you can do the tongue scraping method.

Tongue scraping is a fast & effective way to remove extra unnecessary toxins – yes, including the ones that cause bad breath – from your tongue’s surface. Scraping means that you don’t need to swallow back all those body toxins & it’s a satisfying way to see real results of your detox quickly.

Tongue scraping benefits are endless. It is beneficial for you because it improves your sense of taste, the appearance of your tongue, removes bacteria, reduces bad breath & improves overall health. Add scraping after your teeth brushing ritual to receive the maximum effect.

My loves, get your tongue scraper HERE & if you want to discover more about tongue scraping & how kissing impacts your digestion check out this blog I wrote HERE

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling for detoxification is associated with Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system from India. It is a practice that involves swishing coconut oil or sesame oil around your mouth to clean out bacteria & to help promote oral hygiene. 

Oil pulling is a great way to combat the teeth sensitivity some people may experience when they detox. This can occur when acid leaves the body, so using coconut or sesame oil can prevent any issues with the enamel on your teeth & supports your body to pull out toxins from the mouth. Oil Pulling soothes inflammation in the body- super important for calming your body when going through detox. 

Wondering how to oil pull? Take a spoonful of oil & swish it around your mouth in the morning & evening for one minute. Each day add a minute as you become more comfortable with the practice of oil pulling. Ayurvedic tradition recommends ten minutes daily oil pulling to receive the full benefits of detoxification, teeth whitening, & reduced inflammation.

I recommend you start in small steps to make the practice easy & enjoyable for you.

Body Brushing

Use a body brush that is firm with natural bristles to gently massage your body towards the parts of the body that removes this waste. Its major benefit is for stimulating the lymphatic system.

There are mixed reviews on how to do this & I have established a very different way to most that I will share at some point. Some say brush to the heart, others the kidneys, others upwards. I personally brush towards each armpit & glands near my yoni. Listen to your inner guidance, my love.

Body brushing is another great way to support your detox process.  The energizing motions of the body brush against your skin invigorates the lymphatic system & gives your immune system a boost too.

Not only does body brushing support your detox, but it is also the perfect activity to do before you bathe or shower. By body brushing, you will exfoliate your dead skin cells, supporting your skin to stay clear & clean during the detox process.

Body brushing stimulates your circulation & supercharges your lymphatic system leaving you feeling fresh & vibrant, inside & out. I’d recommend you continue body brushing even after you complete your detox to care for your gorgeous skin.

Find some body brush detox tools HERE

Detox Herbs

Herbs have been used for many years to maintain health across cultures. It’s not a wonder why many people use herbs as their favorite alternative way to support their immune system, support digestion, balance hormones, & feel energized.

Using the best detox herbs throughout your detox will support your organs, expel the toxins & make your detox journey more comfortable. Consider using herbs like an investment in your health. Focusing on the visible symptoms is important, but preventative health is always best.

If you are on medication, consult your health consultant before starting your herbal regime.

Sisters, find your natural herbs HERE I also wrote this article that goes into more detail about why herbs are such powerful detox tools. Read it HERE

Honor Your Feminine With These Detox Tools

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