Sacred Art Photos

Your essence alchemized through sacred geometry digital college art.

Channeled Art from the hearts of two lovers – created to inspire, uplift, & empower you as you share your needed gifts with the world during our collective ascension.

These sacred works of art are a heartfelt co-creation between myself & my beloved, Can Bolel. The deeper drive behind our purpose is to create images that truly capture your unique essence of shakti that you embody, allowing your power & beauty to shine through. They are a visionary activation.

We’ll support this experience by giving permission to your inner goddess, priestess, faye, mermaid, or wild woman to shine through in her fullest expression. All infused with sacred geometry from the language of creation to radiate more inspiration, more healing & harmony with all who receive this transmission.

About the beloved co-creators…

Together, our energies intertwine to share our connected heartfelt creations with you. The balance of masculine & feminine energies, melds precision & structure with softness & intuitive flow.

Can Bolel

After having an immediate & drastic worldview change in his life through interacting with the interconnected essence of sacred geometry, Can started to study & experiment with the geometrical language of creation in his early ages. Shortly after this transmuting initiation in 2014, he established his design studio, Inphinity Design in Barcelona & Turkey to create multidimensional meditative artwork in order to support human evolution on the ascension path.

Since then, he has been sharing sacred geometry fused artwork in multiple forms & ways including architectural services, interior design, various workshops & artwork in 3 continents around the world so far.

After meeting me, we opened the new gates in his inspirational field by infusing this wisdom into images I capture. Can is feeling the great joy of utilizing our unified sacred flow to channel these images, & the love we share is transmitted into the digital art for all to inspire to otherworldly dimensions.

Jodie Louise

The creatrix within me has been thriving for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I loved making sacred art, jewelry, clothes & taking photos. As I got older, appreciating the feminine & women’s photography became not only a hobby but also a successful business as well. Now, to be able to evolve this passion into a greater expression brings so much joy to my heart.

I feel so grateful to be infusing this creative power into these images with my beloved Can. Using the energy of creation & sacred geometry in everything we do feels so potent. Our work offers up unique portals of love to inspire all who see them.

Honoring creative energy ignites my soul’s fire. Especially when I am able to infuse the energy into photos of women who are choosing to own their own creative magic & step into their power. It is my deepest wish & calling to support women in their divine uprising. Seeing women fully stepping into the expression of their gifts is such an honor.

Ready to shine & inspire the world around you?

You can work with us in a number of ways…

Whether you want to start fresh with a Goddess Photoshoot with me or you already have your own images, we would absolutely love to transform photos of you to emanate the expression of your amplified essence.

If you’ve already had a Goddess Photoshoot with me, we can take the time to find which images truly represent your feminine power.

If you desire to do an activating Goddess Photoshoot with me, we will create the space to invoke the inner divine feminine within you, really allowing your unique energies to be captured – which will then be woven into your Sacred Art Photos for a deeper expression of your authentic expression to shine.

Prices are available upon request. We work with you to really feel what you are desiring, so the time will vary depending on your unique desires.

We are so excited to hear from you & support you with this magical creation.

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It's time to shine sister