Healy Resonance Analysis

by Jodie Louise

Change the Frequency…

Do you feel as though you’ve tried everything, yet are still struggling to find answers with your health?

Are you overwhelmed with so much information and looking for support on your healing journey? I hear you, sister, I’ve been there!

This is where Resonance Analysis’ have supported me, and can support you too. In a Resonance Analysis session with me I will guide you to find clarity on what is really going on within your body energetically, and provide you with that extra boost of love you deserve!

Healy Resonance Analysis
Healy Resonance Analysis

So what exactly is a Resonance Analysis.

A  Resonance Analysis is conducted with a device that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) to scan, analyse, and harmonize your bioenergetic field.

It will provide you with a detailed analysis of any imbalances that may be present within you on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

It then uses a built-in quantum sensor to measure the frequencies within your body and quantum field, cross-checking them with their database of healing programmes.These programmes are designed to help you focus direct attention and healing onto the parts of you that truly need it.

What to expect…

Healy currently delivers over 144,000 frequencies to assist in areas such as pain, beauty, sleep, learning, emotional well-being, chakras, and meridians. With over 120 programmes available, this futuristic technology offers an abundant amount of support in harmonizing and rebalancing your bioenergetic field.

Not only will you receive the nourishing support of Healy, but you will also be provided with my knowledge as a women’s health and well-being coach. 

Once the scan has identified imbalances within your field, I will use my intuitive expertise and wisdom to provide guidance on the appropriate herbs, treatments, and protocols needed to bring you back into balance. Making sure we focus on all the parts of you that need the extra love. This might be physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


Together, we will work to diminish overwhelm, find clarity, and navigate your healing journey with heart-centred action…

Healy Resonance Analysis

You will receive…

  • A personalised scan and breakdown of your bioenergetic field, including the top five areas that are showing up for you, and the Healy programme to harmonize and rebalance your field (this can be done in person or remotely)
  • An opportunity to ask me any questions about detox, periods, digestion, the Healy etc
  • Detailed aura scan report
  •  Suggestions of herbs and teas to further support you, including a 10% discount
  • Access to my free hormonal and food combining charts

For a limited time only, I am offering these sessions on a donation basis. Soon they will be €222 and interwoven with my initial 90 minute intuitive deep dive to really get to the bottom of your health concerns!

For a limited time only, I am offering these sessions on a donation basis. Soon they will be €222 and interwoven with my initial 90 minute intuitive deep dive to really get to the bottom of your health concerns!

How Resonance Analysis Sessions have helped me

For a long time my journey was full of searching and suffering. I’ve lost count of the time and money I’ve spent. Not to mention the amount of energy I’ve put into searching for the perfect method or product.

One of my biggest struggles was figuring out which parts of me needed love and attention, which is exactly why I love Healy so much! Healy is this ultra cute and portable device I use to run scans on myself and my clients. Plus, it has the ultra cool accessories where I can send microcurrents directly to my body. Healy provided me with a personalised breakdown of my bioenergetic field, helping me to understand exactly which parts of my system were out of balance and needed support. When I found Healy I saved so much time, money, and energy that I can now use to live to my life to the fullest.

Healy Resonance Analysis

Receiving these deep insights has helped me to better understand my entire system and integrate healing on all levels. I love how instantly I feel a shift within myself when using the abundance of healing programmes available. This is why Healy is now a key part of my self-care practice.

Healy Resonance Analysis

Looking for further support?

These sessions bring awareness to the parts of you that need attention

Healing is not a quick fix, but a long-term commitment. This is why its beneficial to receive ongoing support to dive deep and integrate your healing on all levels.  Regular sessions working with me and Healy are suggested for best results.

I would love to walk this path with you and support you on your journey to improved health. I have many offerings that can support you to transform your life on every level. If you want to dive deep, purify and fall madly deeply in love with your life I would love to hear from you.

Want your own Healy?

If you’re interested in learning more about Healy or would like to buy a device to support you in your daily self-care practice, please feel free to reach out to me for more information or guidance.

Healy Resonance Analysis

Are you ready to change the frequency?

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