FLOW: Blood & Lymph Cleanse By Zen Cleanz

What’s Included in the ZenCleanz FLOW Blood & Lymph Cleanse Kit?

  • Passionfruit Cleansing Powder: Removes toxins effectively from the bloodstream.
  • Purifying Polysaccharide Enzyme Blend: Enhances microcirculation and speeds up detox processes.
  • Invigorating Blend Drink: Supports cellular repair and activation.
  • Strengthening Tablets: Improve blood vessel integrity and bolster the immune system.

Enhance Your Health with the ZenCleanz FLOW Blood & Lymph Cleanse

ZenCleanz presents FLOW, a powerfully designed 7-day cleanse specifically aimed at rejuvenating the lymphatic system and blood. As the fourth step in a comprehensive whole body detoxification system, FLOW is vital for maintaining a balanced and healthy bodily function. The lymphatic system, an integral part of the immune system, requires regular cleansing to function optimally. It works tirelessly to manage internal waste and maintain fluid balance in the body. Meanwhile, blood circulates nutrients and oxygen, removing wastes. Cleansing these systems helps break down harmful substances, promotes better circulation, and enhances overall vitality.

Benefits of the FLOW Blood & Lymph Cleanse: Participants in the FLOW cleanse will experience smoother circulation, accelerated detoxification, and increased immunity. This cleanse is particularly effective for those experiencing swollen lymph nodes, chronic fatigue, recurring infections, and other symptoms associated with lymphatic and blood system congestion.

Who Should Consider the FLOW Cleanse? Individuals who face frequent infections, skin issues, joint pain, digestive disturbances, or cardiovascular concerns may find the FLOW cleanse especially beneficial. It’s designed to alleviate symptoms by enhancing the clearance of waste and improving nutrient delivery to tissues.

What to Expect During the FLOW Cleanse: Engaging in the FLOW cleanse prepares the body for enhanced blood and lymph circulation. You might notice symptoms like skin itching, redness, or a feeling of fullness as your body adjusts and begins to expel toxins more effectively. These are signs of the body’s increased efforts to flush out toxins and should not cause concern.

Doing a blood & lymph cleanse is an essential step towards achieving not just improved health, but a revitalized, energetic state of being.

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