Nephrite Jade Eggs – The Beginners Set

This set of three Yoni Eggs is a great beginners set for women to start with because you receive three sizes to explore with rather than just one size, which may not be right for your pelvic floor. Every woman has had different life circumstances (childbirth, tension, surgeries, trauma etc.) and thus will have completely a different pelvic floor so it is helpful to have three sizes that you can trial and test for your unique body type.

We suggest beginning with the large size egg for one month and then working down to a medium size egg and then trying the small after 6 months or so. Some women purchase a medium egg and it falls straight out because their pelvic floor muscles are weak. In this situation we recommend starting with large and then working down to a medium size. On the contrary, some women may find the larger size too big or too heavy for their vaginal muscles and will prefer to start with a small size. It’s all about exploring what feels right for your body.