Waterproof Squirt Blanket™️ – Black Fitted Sheet

Love throwing your partner across the bed in the heat of the moment, but don’t love rearranging your waterproof blanket? If you are looking for a secure way to capture any body fluids during intimacy, our fitted sheet is the answer. Use as a mattress protector or simply fit straight over your usual sheets and duvet cover for a quick clean up job. Perfect for water sports, group sex, threesomes, or if you switch positions a lot and want to ensure your mattress stays dry. Typically waterproof sheets are white and show up every mark, however Splash sheets are available in sexy Black and Moon Blood (moroon), making them the perfect discrete sex blanket or free bleeding support during menstruation. Our fitted sheets range from king single (making them super handy for toilet training your little ones!) all the way through to super king size.


  • Single King 107x203x40cm (42x80x16inch)
  • Double 137x188x40cm (54x74x16inch)
  • Queen 152x203x40cm (60x80x16inch)
  • King 183x203x40cm (72x80x16inch)
  • Superking 203x203x40cm (80x80x16inch)

Suggested uses:

  • Sex & solo self pleasure sessions (calling all squirters and squirtees!)
  • Free bleeding blanket for those menstrual cycles when you don’t want to wear a tampon, menstrual cup or period undies!
  • Soft and cosy incontinence pad 
  • Pet snuggle blanket (beware of puppy thieves)
  • Baby blanket for free-nappy time
  • Birth blanket and post-partum recovery 
  • An innocuous “throw” for your couch and spontaneous sex sessions
  • Incontinence blanket for pets, kids, elderly or bed wetting
  • Indoors or outdoors picnic blankets – no need to cry over spilt juice. 

How Much Liquid Can the Blanket Hold?

The Splash Blanket™ looks like any other innocuous couch throw, but is 100% waterproof, reversible and more importantly absorbent. Unlike many waterproof mats, which are like picnic rugs where the liquid pools on top, liquid on the Splash Blanket™ soaks in and absorbs into the fleece. It can hold up to a litre of liquid (tried and tested). These plush, fleecey blankets are double-sided and absorb all forms of sex juices, oils, lubes and bodily fluids.

Care Instructions:

Your blanket is made of 100% vegan polyester fleece and micro-velvet fabric with a waterproof internal layer. Simply wash on a warm fast wash and avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Dry your blanket on a low tumble dry to keep soft and fluffy or hang out on the washing line in the sunshine. To remove stubborn stains, we recommend using a gentle, eco stain remover.


Your blanket, when cared for properly, can last many years! However not all good things last forever, so depending on how often you use it and how you wash your blanket, the waterproof functionality of the blanket can last approximately one year.