Waterproof Red Fitted Squirt Sheet

The Ultimate Squirt Sheet

Love getting wild in the sheets but don’t like the cleanup? Meet Splash Sheets, the ultimate squirt sheet that’s all about keeping the fun messy while keeping your bed spotless.

Squirt Sheets are here to save your mattress during those hot moments. Forget about fussing with a regular waterproof blanket—just slap a Splash Sheet over your bed and you’re good to go. Perfect for any raunchy rendezvous or when you’re riding the crimson wave, these sheets have got your yoni covered (and your mattress).

  • Fits Like a Glove: Use them as a mattress protector or throw them over your existing sheets and duvet for easy cleanup.
  • Sleek and Discreet: Available in badass Black and sexy Moon Blood (maroon), these sheets are about keeping things stylish while covering up any evidence.
  • Sizes for Every Bed: From king single, which is a lifesaver for toilet training tots, to a super king size that’s perfect for more… expansive activities.

Alongside the sheets, don’t miss the squirt blanket. It looks like your typical couch throw but can hold up to a liter of liquid without breaking a sweat. This baby is reversible, 100% waterproof, and soaks up everything from sex juices to body oils.

If you’re anyone who hates stains, loves a clean-up-free session, or just appreciates keeping things neat while getting dirty, these sheets are for you. Ideal for pleasure-seekers, and menstruation.

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