Crystal Toys Cleanser Spray

The Crystal Toys Cleanser Spray is a wonderful product for anyone who cherishes their crystal wands and toys. This spray is formulated to ensure that your beloved tools are physically clean and energetically aligned, enhancing your intimate experiences spiritually and hygienically.

Why You’ll Love This Cleanser Spray:

  • Effective and Gentle Cleaning: The blend of 70% isopropyl alcohol with Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium essential oils ensures that your crystal toys are free from bacteria while being gentle enough not to damage delicate materials.
  • Energetic Connection: Added Moonstone chips enrich the spray with properties that connect you to your intuitive and grounded feminine energy, making cleaning a holistic ritual beyond simple hygiene.
  • Handcrafted with Care: This Cleanser Spray is handcrafted in small batches. This careful crafting ensures its effectiveness and potency, maintaining the high standards required for such intimate products.


  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Known for its soothing and balancing properties, it enhances relaxation during your cleansing ritual.
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil: This oil is celebrated for promoting emotional stability and uplifting the spirit.
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol: Provides a thorough cleanse, ensuring all surfaces are sanitized without harshness.
  • Moonstone Chips: Infused in the spray, Moonstone enhances the connection to your feminine energy, supporting a deeper engagement with your spiritual practices.

The Crystal Toys Cleanser Spray is more than just a cleaning agent; it’s a part of your journey toward maintaining purity and sacredness in your practices. It ensures that each time you reach for your crystal toys, they are not only clean but also imbued with positive, cleansing energy. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cherished tools are cared for in a way that resonates with your holistic lifestyle.

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