The Splash Kit

Looking for a kit as a beginner squirter? Or maybe you just need to up the ante for all that juicy play!
This kit is designed to help you make a Splash whilst covering the sheets in the process.

Including a Waterproof Squirt Blanket™, our ICONIC Sacred Squirter, a natural & organic Yinn Lubricant and your option to add on one of our Pleasure Wand Vibrators.

The Onyx 40×40 inch Waterproof Squirt Blanket™ is perfect for laying down on your bed, couch or back seat of your car to enjoy any moments that make a Splash! Holding up to 1L of liquid (allowing NO spills) means you can have peace of mind and be able to fully relax intimately.

The Sacred Squirter® has assisted thousands of vagina-owners in experiencing female ejaculation, AKA “squirting”. With its tongue-like curve, smooth pleasure bumps and ridged girth, this drool-worthy dildo is highly stimulating for the g-spot.

Our Yinn Water or Oil based lubricants are both made of natural and organic ingredients, crafted to promote feelings of safety and surrender during life’s most intimate moments.

With the option to add on either the Flick or Suki vibrators, that are designed to elegantly wrap around your pleasure wand, dildo, strap-on or penis. Flick has a tongue-like feature made to stimulate the clitoris in a delicious “flicking” fashion. Suki mimics the clit-sucking experience you would expect during oral sex.

What’s Included