The Good Juju Kit

Unlock vaginal numbness and release sexual blockages

Sexual blockages manifest in various ways, including vaginal numbness, disconnection, and pain during intimacy. The Good Juju Kit is designed to help clear these blockages, enhancing your ability to feel pleasure and reach orgasmic states during intimate moments.

This transformative kit combines the powerful energies of a Clear Quartz Yoni Egg and The Duke, a Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand, to facilitate emotional and energetic healing.

  • Clear Quartz Yoni Egg: Known for its ability to cleanse and balance the seven chakras, the Clear Quartz Yoni Egg is a potent tool for reconnecting with your sexuality and toning the pelvic floor. Regular use can increase lubrication, arousal, and sensation, fostering a deeper sense of self-love and bodily awareness.
  • The Duke – Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand: Specifically crafted to draw out negative energies and trauma from the womb space, The Duke is not just a pleasure wand but a powerful protector. Its sleek design and smooth bulbs are tailored to stimulate internal pleasure points effectively.

What’s Included:

  • One Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand (The Duke)
  • One Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
  • One bottle of Yoni Egg Cleanser Oil
  • Eco-friendly packaging with brown paper and a gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping.

The Good Juju Kit not only addresses physical aspects of sexual health but also focuses on emotional and energetic healing. Whether you’re working to overcome trauma, increase your sensation, or simply enhance your intimate connection with yourself, this kit provides the tools you need to embark on a transformative journey toward healing and pleasure.

By integrating the Good Juju Kit into your regular self-care routine, you can start to feel lighter and more connected in your sacred space, opening up to the joys of renewed sensuality and self-expression.

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