The Five Masters – “Nature’s Gift”

The Five Masters – “Nature’s Gift”

In an era of fast-paced living, where the hustle and speed of modern life threatens our inner peace and physical vitality, we’ve reached deep into the heart of nature to bring you a solution.

The Five Masters – “Nature’s Gift” is an experience, a journey, and an offering. It’s our homage to the traditional wisdom of ancient civilizations; a culmination of nature’s most potent healing mushrooms.

A potent blend of concentrated Lion’s ManeReishiChaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms, selected for their unique properties in cognitive enhancement, immunity fortification, and holistic harmony.

Designed to be a remedy for your stress, a boost to your immunity and a balance to your entire nervous system.

Available in 50mg or 100mg microdoses.

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All Bottles And Dosages Contain 30 Capsules Each.

Note: This product is only available in the USA.