Squirt Essentials Kit

The Squirt Essentials Kit has the three most important tools you need to learn how to squirt – The Sacred Squirter™ , 1meter round or square (Moon Blood or Champagne) Waterproof Sex Blanket™ and 1 Slippery Coco, intimacy oil.

The Sacred Squirter™ is Yoni Pleasure Palace’s best selling glass pleasure wand that specifically targets the G-Zone and stimulates the vaginal walls internally, allowing the erectile tissue to swell whilst building arousal. The unique curve and pleasure bumps all contribute to g-spot activation, which often leads to female ejaculation. More on that here.

The Waterproof Sex Blanket™ is both soft AND waterproof and the perfect companion to capture any leaks or gushes! Simply place the double-sided blanket underneath you on the bed or floor during self pleasure or sex and wash in a regular clothes wash on a low temperature, with no fabric softener.

Having both the dildo and waterproof blanket creates the perfect combination of both internal stimulation and safety to surrender and release Amrita “nectar of the Gods”.

Check our blog on how to use the Sacred Squirter.

What’s Included

  • The Sacred Squirter in pink, lilac or midnight black with our gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping
  • Your choice of Waterproof Sex Blanket in Champagne 1 meter square/round or Moon Blood 1 meter square/round
  • 1 Slippery Coco | Intimacy Oil
  • For instructions download our Master Guide here.