Discover How to Squirt with this Essentials Kit

Want to learn how to squirt?

If you’re curious about exploring the heights of female pleasure and learning how to squirt, the Squirt Essentials Kit is your ultimate guide. Designed to provide everything you need for this exhilarating experience, this kit is crafted to enhance and explore the wonders of female ejaculation.

This comprehensive kit includes three essential tools to help you discover the joys of squirting: The Sacred Squirter™, a Small Champagne Double Veluxe Waterproof Sex Blanket™, and Slippery Coco Intimacy Oil. Each component is selected to ensure a safe, satisfying, and educational experience.

Learning how to squirt can be a transformative experience, offering both physical pleasure and an increased sense of body awareness. The Squirt Essentials Kit not only provides the tools but also the confidence to explore your body’s capabilities in a safe and enjoyable way.

This kit is ideal for anyone interested in discovering more about their body and the phenomenon of squirting. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced in the world of female ejaculation, the kit offers an enriching exploration.

Embrace the adventure of learning how to squirt with the Squirt Essentials Kit—your key to unlocking new realms of pleasure and understanding your body’s full potential.

The How to Squirt kit includes:

  • The Sacred Squirter™: Yoni Pleasure Palace’s best-selling glass pleasure wand, expertly designed to target the G-Zone. Its unique curve and pleasure bumps stimulate the vaginal walls, encouraging the erectile tissue to swell and build arousal, often leading to squirting.
  • Waterproof Sex Blanket™: A dual-sided, soft yet waterproof blanket that captures any leaks or gushes effortlessly. Lay it down on your bed or floor during solo play or partnered sessions and enjoy worry-free pleasure. It’s easy to clean—just toss it in the washing machine on a low setting.
  • Slippery Coco Intimacy Oil: Enhance your experience with this luxurious intimacy oil, perfect for ensuring everything glides smoothly, increasing comfort and pleasure during your exploration.

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