Restore Vulva Mask

Aimed to hydrate, soothe and protect, RESTORE is formulated  with hand-picked nourishing ingredients from around the globe, creating a  unique formula suited to your most delicate skin.

Formulated with key ingredients such as Lactobacillus Ferment, a non-living probiotic that reduces irritation and vaginal itch caused by BV or thrush; Pineapple Fruit Extract, a gentle AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) that boosts hydration, encourages cell turnover and improves the texture of your bits; and Willow Bark Extract,  an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic exfoliant that reduces instances of  ingrown hairs and acne, RESTORE aims to strengthen the skin’s ability  to defend itself from aggressors (goodbye pesky irritation), while  doubling-up as your go-to, all-rounder vulva mask.  If it is a little  self-pampering you are after, or assistance with texture, blemishes and  rough skin caused by hair removal and aging, this mask is for you.