Natural Cycles App

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When it comes to family planning, whether you’re trying to conceive or looking for a natural contraception method, the Natural Cycles App is a revolutionary solution that I highly recommend. It’s a fertility tracker app that offers a hormone-free birth control option, boasting a 93% effectiveness rate in typical use, and it’s entirely natural.

A Natural Approach to Family Planning

Whether you’re looking to prevent pregnancy or accelerate your journey to conception, the Natural Cycles app adapts to your needs. It allows you to switch from birth control mode to plan pregnancy mode seamlessly within the app, making it an invaluable tool for modern family planning.

All you need to do is measure your temperature daily using the best basal thermometer provided when you sign up. The app’s algorithm uses your body temperature to determine your fertility status each day. You can only get pregnant six days each cycle, and the Natural Cycles Ap accurately identifies these days, making it one of the best apps for trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy naturally.

For those interested in exploring other natural contraceptive options, consider checking out the The New Lady Comp. This device offers another reliable and science-backed solution for managing your fertility naturally.

The Natural Cycles App not only empowers you to manage your fertility but does so in a way that respects your body’s natural rhythm without the side effects associated with hormonal birth control methods.

Embrace this smart, science-supported app and take control of your reproductive health in a way that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Join Natural Cycles with an annual subscription with code “JodieLouise” to recieve 20% off, plus a free thermometer to get started.