Squirt Blanket

The ultimate Squirt Blanket – a luxury sex towel!

When it comes to sexual exploration and self pleasure, mess is simply a part of the process. But no one wants to sleep in a wet patch or ruin their mattress or couch. That’s where the Squirt Blanket comes in. This leak-proof blanket is designed to protect your bedding, furniture, and car seats from those juicy gushes and make sure you can fully relax during intimacy and let go.

Not only is the Squirt Blanket a practical solution for managing the mess, but it’s also a psychological sex toy, according to Rosie Rees, the founder of this innovative product. When women feel more comfortable letting go during sex or self-pleasure, they become more orgasmic and sexually expressive. With the Squirt Blanket™, you can have peace of mind and let the floodgates open.

Available in various sizes, the Squirt Blanket can be used as a regular sex towel, for travel or stay-cations, and for daily self-pleasure practices. It’s quick to wash and dry, making it a practical addition to your intimacy kit. The small square size is perfect for frequent use and fitting into your suitcase on holidays, while the medium rectangle size is ideal for double, queen or king size beds, and perfect for full-body massages and throwing each other around the bed without worrying if you’re still on the blanket.

The large square size is perfect for couch snuggles, extra-gushy sex romps, or an innocuous bed throw that transforms into a sex blanket. This luxury sex towel is designed to look like any other innocuous couch throw but is 100% waterproof, reversible, and absorbent. It’s also stain-proof and double-sided leak-proof, making it a lifesaver in the intimacy department.

Made from vegan polyester sherpa fleece and micro-velvet fabric bonded with a waterproof internal layer, both sides of the Squirt Blanket are waterproof and absorbent. The waterproof layer is made of 100% recycled Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which is a non-toxic, BPA-free, and 100% food-grade safe material that doesn’t contain any chemicals that interfere with the endocrine or hormone system. This means that you can use the Squirt Blanket with complete peace of mind.

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“Absolutely love this ! So luxurious and soft ! Also easiest to clean.”


“Such a beautiful soft blanket and absolutely no mess! Love this”



“I lovvvve my Squirt Blankets!! My husband and I use them ALLL THE TIMEE… and they have been the perfect addition to our bedroom! I’m not afraid of the mess we’ll make anymore, so it’s like sooo much easier and worry-free. AND FUN! Obviously! I have another in the beautiful red color, too. Periods, sex… even just snuggling! These blankets are MUST-HAVES. PERIOD!”