Journal by Sammi Johnson

Guide yourself down the path of conscious creation with these stunning journals lovingly crafted by Sammi Johnson.

When you invest in this magic you’ll also receive a QR Code to download the specific journal guide for the one you have in your hands. Let yourself be inspired by questions within the guide to help you move towards self acceptance as you bring your dreams into reality.

  • Vegan leather
  • A5 size
  • 178 lined pages
  • 14 blank pages to foster creative expression
  • Elastic cover band
  • Gold embossed
  • Gold edges
  • Gold place holder
  • Hand Wrapped
  • Hand Written Card Cleansed with Frankincense


  • Journal Size – 145mm x 210mm
  • Journal Weight – 400g
  • Includes a downloadable Journal Guide!

What’s Included

  • Journal
  • There is a QR Code on your journal which will direct you to choose from 2 journal guides:

All of the answers are within

Sammi created this for you, and it was made with so much love!

Many of Sammi’s coaching clients were wanting to begin a journaling practice but they didn’t know where to start.

She noticed patterns; her clients were feeling stuck, caught up in overthinking and feeling like something was missing.

From her own personal experience, she have found the best way to reflect, connect, solve problems and access new insight is to ask really great questions.

Introducing the All of the Answers are Within Journal Guide

Sammi’s wish is that these questions, this practice of journaling, will allow you to connect even more deeply with yourself, ignite your intuition, and support you in realising how powerful you really are.


Sammi created Journal Guide 2.0; Truth & Desire, to take you one step further along the path of conscious creation.

All of the answers are within us and journaling is a great way to access those answers. It is an intimate practice, we get to ask ourselves great questions which both expand our thinking and invite us to meet ourselves honestly, then its about honoring our deepest desires and inner knowing. This is how we can begin to strengthen our relationship firstly with ourselves, and then with everyone and everything else in our lives.

In this guide, have included questions that might be useful in guiding you to; building a stronger sense of self acceptance, stepping into your unique full expression, connecting with your desires, connecting with truth and, stepping into your power by practicing personal responsibility.

Ask the questions and your answers will come. You might even be surprised at what flows out onto the page. These questions are powerful doorway to self inquiry, so an attitude of trust and surrender might be really useful for you when approaching them.