Hydrogen Water Bottle

Easy To Use

Fill the CellPower Bottle with filtered or bottled drinking water (ideally pH 5-6 and TDS 20-60mg/L).
Activate the hydrogen production cycle using the button on the base and, at the same time, you can choose to run one of the three programs (Energy, Recovery, or LumiVitae) by using the button on the lid. Wait for them to complete, then open the lid and enjoy each sip.

Key Features

  • Designed in Europe by Nuno Nina.
  • Innovative new proprietary membrane optimizes pure and safe hydrogen production.
  • Meticulously calibrated magnets in the base mimic the magnetic field of the Earth’s core.
  • Three unique sets of frequencies beam from above to infuse your water: Energy, Recovery and LumiVitae, infusing the water with a touch of solar vitality.
  • Multi-functional offering 3 cycles to align with your daily rhythms.
  • Chromotherapy features radiating a choice of colours.
  • Sleek design for a lightweight and ergonomic experience.
  • Portable, durable and water-resistant, featuring a shatter-resistant Tritan BPA free with aluminum exterior.
  • Detachable base to connect directly with your own bottled water.
  • Cold and hot water options withstanding up to up to 100°C.
  • Advanced Electrolysis Technology utilizes platinum-titanium (Pt-Ti) electrodes for effective hydrogen production.
  • Innovative world-first membrane operates at a low voltage of 2.3V to deliver the purest hydrogen water.
  • Immediate flow channel that releases by-products.

Care And Maintenance

  • Do not put anything in the CellPower bottle except filtered or bottled drinking water. Using anything else but water will harm the bottle.
  • There’s no need for any additional maintenance such as filter changes.
  • Do not use detergents or place it in the dishwasher. Use water, a soft sponge, and optionally a few lemon drops.

What’s Included

  • CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle [ Volume: 320mL ; Dimensions: Diameter 6cm; Height 22cm ].
  • USB-C Charging Cable and Wireless Charging Pad.
  • Instructions for use.

Additional Information

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  • 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • 21-day money back guarantee.
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