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How to Food Combine

I struggled with digestive issues, bloating, and acne for years before I discovered food combining.

My e-book explains exactly what food combining is, and how it derives from ancient Ayurvedic practices that were used to enhance vitality and remedy a range of physical ailments. 

I share my personal experiences, and my journey from feeling uncomfortable, exhausted, and imbalanced to feeling full of energy – all through the magic of food combining! 

If you’re struggling with symptoms like acid reflux, cramps, or even constipation, you might have tried every diet out there. Maybe you’ve seen doctors, or cut out foods you love – you don’t need to! This guide explains how you can still eat your favourite meals in safer, healthier ways, and how you can take steps to getting rid of those symptoms and becoming the happiest, best version of yourself.

I’ve even included a simple food combining chart so that you can see exactly what foods you can eat together, and which ones need to be eaten separately. I’ve healed so many of my past health issues simply by paying more attention to how I eat, not just what I eat! You can do it, too – and I’m here to support you every step of the way…

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