Homebiotic® Surface Cleaner

How to Use:

  • Conventional chemical cleaning products strip beneficial microbes from home surfaces, and the loss of this natural competition can allow unwanted microbes, such as mold, to grow
  • Homebiotic® Surface Cleaner Allows you to clean surfaces naturally without harsh chemicals that damage your home biome
  • Made from naturally effective, non-toxic ingredients you are able to safely keep your home clean.
  • Reuse empty, cleaned spray bottles to dissolve the surface cleaner concentrate tabs – saving plastic from ending up in landfills!
  • Sustainability is key! Our Surface Cleaner concentrate tabs are packaged in biodegradable kraft paper and can be used with virtually any fillable spray bottle. That means no extra bottles to end up in landfills, a smaller shipping footprint by not shipping water, and no harmful chemicals ending up in delicate ecosystems.
  • Completely home microbiome friendly
  • Can be used as an effective way to clean mold as it contains citric acid
  • Perfect for hard surface cleaning tasks, such as tile, counters, tubs, showers & flooring.
  • Compatible with our Homebiotic® Environmental Probiotic spray
  • One box contains 6 packets of powder concentrate tabs which makes 6 individual 16oz bottles of cleaner

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