Homebiotic® Nano Sponge

A Human Compatible™
Home Cleaning Product

  • Perfect for removing mold, dirt, & grime. Does not support microbial growth when dry.
  • Dual surface structure, a smooth nanocapture layer & a coarse layer, making the sponge perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks
  • A nanocapture layer, made of melamine nanofoam, for up to 5x better capture of mold, dirt, and grime than a conventional cellulose sponge
  • A coarse, abrasive layer for scrubbing even the most stubborn stains or debris
  • The Homebiotic® Nano Sponges composition and unique dual-surface structure enables the sponge to be effectively used with only water, but for best results use with Homebiotic® Surface Cleaner
  • BPA-free & contains no known endocrine disruptors

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