12 Week Detox – Serious Cleanse

Are you feeling weighed down by toxins and wanting to reverse aging and heal from diseases? 

Consider the 12 week detox program for a deeper serious cleanse to help you achieve your health goals.

The serious cleanse program includes:

  • 4x Colon Cleanse 
  • 3x Liver Blood Detox
  • 3x Kidney Cleanse
  • 3x Lymph Detox

During the serious cleanse, you’ll work to fix symptoms and focus on healing and supporting your body’s internal systems. Herbs are an investment in your health, and focusing on preventive health is always best.

Combining detox with herbs can provide significant results, and Ming Herbs is a quality brand with gentle and effective detox kits that I trust. 

Don’t stop taking the detox herbs if your body reacts too strongly or not at all; instead, change the dosage and add other herbs to support the process. Healing is an experimental process of awakening your connection with your body, so listen to what it is trying to tell you.

To learn more about using herbs when detoxing to achieve greater results and what a healing crisis is, check out my blog

If you’re living in Bali, enjoy the convenience of free delivery of the herbs to your doorstep when you order online.

Use code “detox” for a discount off your purchase.