Homebiotic Healthy Home Bundle Pack

Eco Friendly Cleaning Essentials

Embrace a healthier, more sustainable cleaning routine with the Healthy Home Bundle from Homebiotic.

As someone passionate about creating a harmonious living environment, I’m thrilled to introduce you to a set of eco friendly products that are effective and gentle on our planet.

Natural cleaning products are an essential part of health for both women and men. We need to treat our homes and our bodies no different! Our homes are our second skin…

Why choose Homebiotic Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions?

  • Comprehensive Cleaning Solution: The bundle includes 1 box of Homebiotic Surface Cleaner with 6 concentrate tablets, 1 box of Homebiotic Nano Sponges containing 6 sponges, and 1 4oz bottle of Homebiotic Environmental Probiotic Spray. This trio is designed to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks, ensuring your home remains pristine and balanced.
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning: All products in the Healthy Home Bundle are crafted with the environment in mind. The surface cleaner tablets dissolve in water, reducing plastic waste, while the nano sponges feature a unique dual-surface technology for optimal cleaning efficiency without spreading bacteria.
  • Probiotic Protection: The Environmental Probiotic Spray uses natural, soil-based probiotics to create a protective layer that remains active for days, continuously working to balance your home’s microbiome and combat musty odors and grime.

Switching to the Healthy Home Bundle has transformed how I maintain my space. It provides a powerful clean and supports a healthy living environment without the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaning products.

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