HealAdvisor Natural Cycle Module

Discover how to stay in sync with the natural rhythms of the sun, moon, and earth using the HealAdvisor Natural Cycle Module. This revolutionary tool is designed to help you reconnect with the cosmic influences that govern our lives, promoting holistic wellbeing and vitality.

The fast-paced modern lifestyle we have often disconnects us from natural rhythms, leading to physical and emotional imbalances. The HealAdvisor Natural Cycle Module offers a unique set of frequency programs to realign you with these natural forces, enhancing your overall sense of harmony and wellness.

Five Steps to Align with Nature:

  1. Geographical Position: Recognizes that gravity varies across the planet, impacting your personal energy field.
  2. Trigger Date Selection: Choose from eight pivotal dates that mark significant seasonal changes, such as solstices and equinoxes.
  3. Day and Time Determination: Calculates the precise moment of your chosen cosmic event based on your location.
  4. Moon Phase Identification: Aligns the chosen date with the lunar calendar to determine the moon’s phase, enhancing the program’s effectiveness.
  5. Frequency Program Selection: Utilizes an oxidation-reduction diagram following the Meridians to select the most appropriate frequencies for harmonization based on the active organ of the day.

Natural Cycle Module is not just a program; it’s a pathway to rediscovering your body’s innate wisdom to heal and thrive by aligning with the profound patterns of the universe. Dive into a deeper understanding of how you can enhance your life’s quality by syncing with the cosmos.

For those who are ready to reconnect with their natural energetic cycle and enhance their wellbeing, explore the possibilities with the HealAdvisor Natural Cycle Module. Embrace the harmonization of your bioenergetic field and experience life with renewed vigor and balance.