Mushroom Ceremony Blend – “The Journey”

Ceremonial Blend – “The Journey"

Are you craving to expand your awareness?

Do you aim to deeply journey into a cosmic reality magic mushroom experience?

Do you wish to experience a profound understanding of who you really are?

If you’re ready to navigate into your depths & understand the real essence of life & of yourself… I’m glad you’re here, beloved, reading all about this powerful mushroom ceremony blend that I’m about to offer you.

What is the mushroom ceremony blend?

This mushroom ceremony blend is a combination of three sacred psilocybin mushroom strains – each chosen & cultivated for creating a more spiritual experience.

This powerful blend is uniquely available from & it is designed to create a deeply consciousness-expanding journey and sacred magic mushroom experience.

Its formula is hand-crafted with loving prayer, & delivered in a glass amber bottle, with 25 capsules per container.

What makes this blend ceremonial?

This blend is not designed as a microdose, it is specifically designed for a deeper ceremonial journey for those who are ready to experience the ancient healing powers that a mushroom trip can truly bring.

This blend is created from three unique strains of sacred psilocybin mushrooms (two of which are cultivated by the SoulCybin team), which make the magic mushroom experience ceremonial, supporting spiritual healing & expanding consciousness.

If you feel called & ready to try this blend, because you know you are in the right state of mind to experience the deepest gifts of psilocybin, it can result in a life-changing experience.

If what you are looking for is a powerful shift in perspective & to see past the struggles, challenges & hardships of life… I can tell you, this ceremonial blend is intended to give you exactly that.

I recommend you to read this important information before purchasing

This formula is designed for people who are in a healthy mental state.

Please do not consume if you have any mental-health conditions, psychiatric, or neurological disorders.

Also, do not operate a car or other heavy machinery while taking this product.

This formula is designed for sacred prayer, with intentions to heal within, discover one’s deeper essence, & connect with the greater life-force of all reality.

I recommend you read this ceremonial guide if you wish to dive deeper into how to get the best experience with this mushroom ceremony blend.




I began microdosing a month ago and I already see the subtle benefits. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for almost 20 years and therapy, medication, etc didn’t work. Using the Syrian rue with the Inner Peace Blend enhances it greatly as well. Thank you Soulcybin. Thank you for changing my life and therefore, my future. I’ll be a member for years to come!



I’ve been going through SoulCybin for a couple of years now, and I’ve tried many of their products of which I’ve never been disappointed in any of them. Even though psilocybin is becoming more readily available I’ll continue to go through SoulCybin as they offer the utmost respect for customers and have outstanding customer support. They go the extra mile when others just wanna make a profit.



I have not had a single bad experience when ordering the various products which I have tried through this spiritual foundation. If this is like what the world on ‘shrooms would be like, PLEASE can we have that?! Really just the nicest people every single time no matter who I get.

The only downside is that apparently — like a small portion of the population — my brain receptors do not work with psilocybin. I have the same issue with THC, unfortunately, so it’s a bummer. I have to say, though, I continue ordering for friends and encouraging others to sign up, because I believe in the product so very much after doing mountains of research, and also like I said, even without being a self-using donor, the customer service is worth returning for: it’s just that good!