BreastEez Soft Pillow

Our relaxation superstar and just as the name describes it- SOFT!

Our Award winning BreastEez Soft Pillow is the newest member to the BreastEez family!

The same signature BreastEez design, however made with a premium grade, soft cushioning foam.

Our BreastEez Soft will provide added softness in supporting your breast area in any situation

Designed to help support women to allow them to lie stomach down in ease and comfort, whilst taking the pressure off their chest areas.

BreastEez Soft pillow foam features and benefits

  • Made with market leading anti-microbial additive Ultra-fresh designed to control mildew, fungus and dust mites
  • One size pillow to support all body types and chest sizes
  • Premium grade Marathon foam providing extra comfort to the chest and shoulders
  • Designed to encourage full relaxation for women for their chest area
  • Yellow internal foam

Ideal for relaxing with soft support for your breast area

So comfy and Versatile- the ultimate in a relaxation pillow!

BreastEez Medical grade cover (blue cover)

Our BreastEez Soft pillow is covered in a premium barrier material cover. Specially designed to provide hospital grade performance and durability whilst remaining soft and stretchy, ensuring comfort and hygiene.

Covers are made in Turkey, by a family owned and run business.

BreastEez limited edition pink cover

Cover Material- 100% cotton
Dimensions- Length 52cm, Width 42cm, Height 14cm
Care instructions-
Best washed in cold water
Colours will fade over time, hang to dry in a shaded area to prolong colour vibrancy.