3 Books on Detox

3 Book Wellness Bundle

Are you ready to trust your body to guide you just like it did for generations before you had Google to send you around in circles of misinformation? I have created this Wellness Bundle with 3 books I originally wrote to support me on my own journey. I found all the information out there so overwhelming that I did my own research & experimented on my own body.

So here I share with you these transformational books:

These books will support you to nourish your body from the inside out through discovering what foods best combine together for optimal digestion, how to deeply listen to your body & discover how to eat with your hormonal cycle. I hope you enjoy the journey of education, healing & the empowering experience of learning to trust yourself & follow your heart.

To purchase this package of ebooks, please click the link below to either purchase via PayPal or credit/debit card. Once payment has been made you will receive a link to download the ebooks in a PDF format.