Zen Cleanz

I love Zen Cleanz products!

I like to detox in a gentle way, at the optimal time during my cycle where my body is strong! Short gentle detoxes are the best way which I guide on my detox program for women. I also absolutely love the ZEN CLEANZ ONE Intestinal cleanse,- they are the most powerful detox product I have seen on the market.

Gentle for women & incredible at supporting digestion issues!  You can use this discount code on the kits: ‘detoxnow’ to get a yummy discount too! 🔥 These detox cleanse kits really are something special.

Read more about hormonal imbalances & discover useful tools beyond detoxing to balance there in my blog: Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women.

You can also book a Zen Cleanz consultation with me! By downloading this PDF, you will receive all the details of the consultation +  guidance on how to do the cleanse in the best way!

AND if you want to go really deep check out their 7 day Rainbow Cleanse. This also includes a powerful liver flush which is always best to be done after colon cleansing.

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