Photography and Videography

I’m here to help you to cultivate a beautiful vision through captivating photography and videography.

Do you have a dream you want to share with the world?

Maybe you’re a musician, wanting your creative essence & melodic sound captured for a music video…Or maybe you’re a yoga teacher, looking to have your yogini presence captured for your business or for your own empowerment…Or maybe you’re a tantrika, wanting to share the gifts & the wisdom of your sensual essence through photo or video…

I can support you in sharing your story through engaging photography and videography for your audience to get to know you a little better or to bring your offerings online! I am so passionate about helping people to step into their power by capturing content they can use to promote their beautiful gifts & talents.

I have more than 10 year’s experience as a photographer and videographer creating content for social media, websites, magazines, TV, music videos & more! Let’s discuss how we can turn your dreams into a visual reality.

See below for what I specialize in….

Goddess Photography

I’m here to capture your authentic essence so you can bloom like the flower that you are. My passion is to capture the raw beauty within women that is yearning to be seen. As your goddess photographer, I’ll guide you to embody your unique essence & exhibit your exquisite beauty. Together, we will create a safe space for you to fully express yourself. We’ll laugh, cry, and dance together in this deeply healing journey that is much more than a photoshoot.

sacred art photos

Sacred Art Photos

A visual activation which captures & alchemizes your divine feminine essence through digital art. These sacred works of art are a heartfelt co-creation between myself & my beloved, Can Bolel. The deeper drive behind our purpose is to create images which will truly capture the unique essence of the shakti energy which you embody, allowing your power & beauty to shine through. These creations are a unique tool you can use to capture your true essence & give others a unique insight into who you really are.

Food Photography

As a food photographer & videographer I love sharing my passion for plant-based food with the world. I’ll capture the essence of your delicious dishes in a way that not only aligns with your visions, but will also keep your viewer’s mouths watering & wanting more. Whether you are creating a brand-new recipe book, a new menu, or are being featured in a magazine or any other digital or tangible publication, I’ll be sure to create content that will make your culinary creations stand out.

Bali Maternity Baby shoot

Maternity and Babies Photography

Celebrate the transformative journey of motherhood with pregnancy, birth, and newborn photography. Capturing these sacred moments is a beautiful way to hold onto the memories forever. From maternity photos to the first few weeks of your baby’s life, I will be there to capture every special moment. Combine all three in one package to capture the entire story of your little angel’s arrival.

Fashion Photography

As a fashion photographer, videographer & branding expert, I have a unique eye for fashion & marketing. I’ll create high-quality content that showcases your brand & builds stronger brand loyalty. Whether you are launching a new fashion line or want to capture a specific fashion event, I can curate the perfect setting to document your unique style & the beauty of your models.

Fashion Photographer
real estate photographer

Event Photography

Keep your big day in focus & capture memories that will last a lifetime. Highlight the magic of your event through captivating videography while providing yourself with a platform to share your vision. Event photography & videography is essential if you want to maximise your reach, deliver key messages & let your customers sell your brand for you!

Music Photography

I love to collaborate with singers and musicians to create stunning visual content that perfectly complements their music. With my experience as a music journalist, I have honed my craft by capturing footage of the world’s top musicians, DJs, and parties. I am passionate about creating videos and photos that evoke emotion and can even shift consciousness. Whether you’re looking to market a new album or film a music video, I would love to explore the possibilities and share my creative ideas to bring your vision to life.

music photographer

Wedding Photography

I’d love to capture the beautiful emotions of you & your guests on your wedding day. I specialise in shooting beautiful & timeless footage while maintaining a style that is unique to you. It’s my passion to document your wedding story by creating romantic & natural wedding videos & photos that will be treasured by you & your family forever.

Retreat Photography

Capture the magic of your retreats! Do you want to capture the experience of your retreat in photography or videos so you can give your community a peek at the power & potential of your retreats? As a retreat photographer & videographer, I’d love to join your upcoming retreat or training, to sensitively capture content that won’t interfere with the experience of the beautiful souls that you attract. It’s my passion to show the transformational experience of your retreats into tangible photographs & videos you can share & use to inspire.

real estate photographer

Real Estate Photography

Are you looking to sell a residence or promote a building project? With over 15 years of industry experience, I’m able to profoundly capture videos & images that generate attention, showcase features, & promote your property or development. With specialized expertise in luxury estates, hotels, house & land packages, & large-scale development, I offer photos & videos that attract your target market. Drawing from my experiences in senior marketing positions in this industry, I am a highly qualified photographer to meet, if not transcend, your expectations.

Yoga Photography

I’d love to capture your asanas as your yoga photographer. Are you a yoga teacher in need of beautiful & professional photography or video content? Or perhaps you are an avid yogi/yogini & you want to give yourself the gift of honoring your practice with a yoga photoshoot? I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 12 years old, & as I have completed a yoga teacher training, I can confidently guide & inspire you through different asanasmovements.

restaurant & food photographer

Restaurant Photography

With a deep passion for all things food-related, I possess a keen eye for capturing mouthwatering photos and videos. Whether you’re a cafe owner or a talented chef, I’m here to help bring your vision to life by showcasing the essence of your restaurant and presenting your delicious creations in the most enticing way possible.

Products & Branding Photography

Promote your product or brand through captivating videography & photos! Let’s sit down & discover your customer’s why, wants & desires, so we can allure them in with photos & videos which speak their visual language. This is truly my specialty, as I’ve worked in marketing & advertising agencies for years! I truly love to guide like-minded businesses whose mission is to help others & the planet. I feel honoured to be able to support such inspirational people & brands to shine even brighter.

product photography
online training

Online Training

Whether you’re launching a multi-video course, creating individual training sessions, hosting online yoga classes, leading virtual spiritual ceremonies, preparing marketing material for an online retreat, or teaching educational lessons, I am here to support you every step of the way. Together, let’s bring your vision to reality.

Couples Photography

Remember & cherish the way he looks into your eyes, that cheeky smile you give him back & both of you in your authentic expression towards each other. It will be the most genuine capture of your divine love. My main aim is to allow you to feel safe to express your deepest love shared with your beloved. Capturing love stories simply fulfils my soul beyond words.

couples photographer
Mens photographer

Men Photography

When photographing men it’s really important to create a safe environment for them to feel safe to be seen. For many men it can feel really uncomfortable having their photo taken, especially by a woman. If you are feeling you need powerful photos to share your story, launch a program or whatever it might be, let’s chat. I can support you to create images aligned with your vision & needs, ensuring they transmit the energy to get results & leave a lasting impression.

Digital Storytelling & Interviews

Share your offerings & brand through video storytelling. Together we’ll capture your magic & share your message through engaging & relatable videography. Digital storytelling is one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand & inspire people into their creative power. You can use video storytelling in your social media platforms & digital marketing campaigns.



Are you hosting an online course or wish to share your story through digital storytelling? Or perhaps you want to capture the magic of an event? Create high-quality videography to showcase your offerings & build your brand. With over 10 years of experience as a videographer creating content for social media, websites, magazines & TV, I can help you cultivate a beautiful vision & share your gifts through captivating videography.

“I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like”

Happy Clients

Ariel Tang

“This goddess is phenomenal! I have worked with her three times already and keep counting 😃 She is amazing to work with and frigging talented! So happy yo have the chance to co-create so much magic with this goddess! Thank you so much for all your beautiful captures! xoxoxo””
Ariel Tang


“Jodie took beautiful pregnancy & newborn photos with us! The shoot was so natural and effortless, and that shows in the photos. It can be tough to capture a newborn but Jodie was so patient and creative, it was easeful.”

sarah armide

“Shooting with Jodie is incredible in every way. She channels and knows exactly what style you are wanting to tap into for the shoot. She makes you feel so comfortable. I got the best shots of my life with Jodie.. so grateful and couldn’t recommend more!”
Sarah Armide

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As a traveling nomad, I am often on the move. I have been lucky enough to travel across the world offering photography and videography in the most magical locations, including Bali, Turkey, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, Singapore, Mexico & Egypt. Keep up to date with where I am on Instagram here.