Online Training & Course Videography

by Jodie Louise

Are you embracing the shift towards virtual teaching & started sharing your offerings with your online community?

If not, now is the most important time to invest in yourself & your business in the form of high-quality video content. Teaching through the medium of video allows you to fully communicate with your tribe, & is the perfect way for your passion & wisdom to truly shine through.

If you want to capture your authentic essence, let me guide you in harnessing the power of engaging videography. Together, we can create content for online courses & intimate, individual training sessions.

With over 10 years of experience in photography & videography, marketing, advertising, & business, it feels natural for me to support people shine & step into their power.

I really enjoy filming online courses because of the impact they make in the world – & because I simply love learning!

Together we’ll capture your magic & showcase your unique talents & gifts.

online training
online training

Raise your vibration & join me as we venture into the world of online training, evolving with the global transition towards digital communication.

I would love to support you if you are:

  • Launching a multi-video course
  • Creating an individual training session
  • Hosting yoga classes online
  • Leading a virtual spiritual ceremony
  • Preparing marketing material for an online retreat
  • Teaching an educational lesson

If you need guidance in launching your online business & really bringing it to life, I would love to share more of my offerings with you.


Lea McBride

Lea McBride – QPR

Jodie brought an edge of creativity and personality into each image at a recent academic conference. Usually a tough shoot, Sugacoat it managed to bring it to life and show the other side of collegiality and the enjoyment of education. We cannot thank her enough for the amazing moments captured.

photography testimonial

Sarah-Jane Perman

Jodie came into my life as a photographer for my retreats but as soon as she showed up I knew she was to be a huge ally. Not only is she a talented artist but complete energetic support, intuitive listener, compassionate space holder and not to mention my go to for health and detox support (I’ll get there Jodie). Jodie is in my team for life. We have worked together in bali, ibiza and Egypt and honestly I would love have her with me for all of my work as she is such a dream to flow with. She is the best of the best in all ways


When I receive her photos my reaction is always 'Wauw, is this me?'. It's interesting to witness how sometimes the perception I have of myself is not the same what others have. So these shoots are quite deep healing processes. Thank you Jodie for your quality of seeing me and to capture my beautiful essence. Thank you for laughing with me, feeling me at ease and to encourage me to let myself been shown.

Irina Devi

I hired Jodie to do a photo shoot for me that would capture my sensuality and feminine emotions. I am usually not easily impressed but I was this time. Not only did Jodie capture my ever changing shakti expressions, her creativity, guidance, and warmth created a safe space for me to fully open up to the experience. I am very pleased with Jodie’s work!

Goddess photoshoot

Teresa Sol

Simply put; Jodie is magical! ✨During the photoshoot she had an ability to make me relax and not feel awkward in front of the camera. I felt safe with her. She was present before, during and after the shoot and her photos definitely show that. She captured my soul on the photos she took of me. She is pure magic and I am forever grateful ???


Jodie is an amazing photographer that knows how to capture authenticity, beauty, joy and fun!!! I did a group photoshoot with her and she showed a lot of patience, she had great suggestions for poses and made everyone feel special. I had a lot of pleasure during the shoot and later seeing the pics and remembering those moments!


Jodie has such an energy about her that makes you feel safe and confident within your skin. Ive worked with her many times because she knows how to capture authentic beauty & provides a comfortable environment during her shoots. She understands what one is seeking out of photos, almost as if she can see your vision through her own eyes.


Jodie is a super skilled photographer. She has an amazing eye for light and settings. She also is incredible at making you feel safe and relaxed in front of the camera. I had so much fun doing the shoot with Jodie and I felt so radiant and empowered in my femininity and beauty! Thank you Jodie for doing this work, such a gift for every woman that gets the chance to stand in front of your camera ❤️

Want to capture your online courses or trainings?

I’d love to support you to showcase you with course videography 

I am so excited to have a heart to heart chat with you about being your videographer to capture your online training. Whether you want to get planning straight away or still have some questions, let’s chat.