My Female Intuition is my Super Power

Connect with your female intuition

Being able to “trust your gut” is not just a figure of speech-  feeling disconnected from your body & female intuition can actually be related to digestive issues. Finally living in your power & learning to “listen to your gut” may also take healing your digestive issues & emotional health.

 Your female intuition knows what is possible, but the mind will look for every reason it could go wrong because your ego is scared of failure, rejection & pain…

Being able to trust your instincts is possible, women’s intuition is a gift, you just need to remember how to receive it! 

Trust Your Gut: Your Digestion Plays a Role In Your Female Intuition

It may sound wild, but it’s true! Before I healed my body & my digestion issues, my body was in such a toxic state that I couldn’t access my intuition properly. On my road to healing, I discovered more about my body & I even learned that parasites can give you cravings for foods & make you agitated or emotional.

This means that when your digestion is not in harmony, neither is your intuition or your emotional state. 

 When I did extended fasts & my body wasn’t so focused on digesting foods, I was able to access a higher state of consciousness within me. 

Ever since I started to listen to my female intuition, it’s become my SUPERPOWER.

The more I listen, the stronger my intuition becomes!

My intuition now guides me on what to eat, who to spend time with, & how to grow my business. Some days, I have to pinch myself, because I am constantly mind blown with the things I know & create.

Did you know that we only access a small part of the wisdom we have inside us? We are very intelligent beings. Look at how we have evolved so quickly. In many ways, I feel we are not becoming smarter though. We rely on Google to tell us what’s healthy when we used to be able to walk through a field full of fruits, herbs & vegetables, & by our smell alone know what we needed to eat that day.

You have everything you need inside of you to heal & be happy,  you just need to forget everything you know, & remember who you really are. 

 Turn your Fear into Intuition

I’m often saying it’s my passion to turn fears into love, & I get asked what this means a lot. This statement is very connected to intuition. Why? Well, I like to think of my intuition as love & my mind as fear. There is so much fear projected onto us, that we have lost trust in our inner knowing. We have forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

 A lack of TRUST is what’s standing in our way & this comes from FEAR. I always used to find myself saying things like “I shouldn’t have done that, I knew deep down but didn’t listen”. What was happening was that my intuition would send me guidance, but my mind would evaluate this in a matter of microseconds, & shift my view.

 So when I started to trust myself more, my intuition just became stronger & clearer. Other practices like mindfulness & grounding really supported me in being a clear channel also. I wrote the book From Fear to Intuition with a dear sister of mine. Through our sacred feminine collaboration, this book gives you the same tools we both used to activate our intuitive superpowers!

Learn to listen to your gut & your intuition will show you what’s possible

Maybe you still aren’t sure what you need, but you are ready to take some beautiful small steps by simply starting to learn how to listen to your gut. In my book, I share the tools I used to activate my intuitive superpowers! By reading this book, you will not only gain clarity about how to listen to your intuition, but you will feel safe in honoring your path of awakening your intuitive nature. Find your copy of the book here.

I also have an Intuitive Eating Book that guides you on how to reconnect with your female intuition while being creative in the kitchen. This book tells the story of my personal journey with intuitive eating & how I managed to completely change my life, heal my uncomfortable digestive issues, listen to my body’s wisdom, & reclaim my power! Learning how to intuitively eat will change your life guaranteed.

Detox your digestion to find your inner voice

If you are often bloated, feeling sluggish, irritable, have inflammation, skin conditions, or body aches, it’s a sign something isn’t right. Many people just learn to live with these symptoms & blame them on getting older, but you don’t have to live like that. 

Through detoxing & truly hydrating your body, you will not only be able to live life more comfortably, but you can tap into the superpowers of your female intuition. When your intuition is fully ignited, it helps you to make more informed food choices too; it’s pretty magical!

In my transformation, I learned that when women are healing themselves inside & out, they need to detox in a way that aligns with their feminine needs & bodies. Yet most digestion research only studies men. This keeps women in the dark about how their feminine digestion truly flows & creates industries that don’t support a woman’s digestion. That’s why too many detoxes for women are just based on the way a man’s body detoxes. 

 I now support women to totally detox their lives & heal their digestion with the Goddess POOtox, the feminine detox for women to detox their lives on every level. Find out about the Goddess POOtox HERE

When you choose love over fear, you are living life to its fullest. By connecting with your intuition,
you open up a world of possibilities to make your dreams come true.


Jodie Louise xx

jodie louise

Hi I am Jodie Louise.

I’ve supported hundreds of goddesses to reconnect to their bodies, heal their digestion & feel levels of vitality they never knew were possible.

When I discovered that all health research was done on men I had the biggest “Aha moment”! Things finally started to make sense. I realized that women’s wisdom was suppressed. This sent me intuitively down a deep rabbit hole of reconnecting to my sacred feminine body.

Once I learned to stop approaching health like a man, I discovered the sacred gifts of my feminine body with so much gratitude for the ability to create life in every way!