Bloom Mentorship Program

Your dream life is possible and I am here to support you every step of the way

I support conscious & spiritual women fall deeply in love with themselves, detox their bodies & step into their soul’s purpose…

I have experienced this exact transformation myself. 10 years ago I became very unwell with severe digestive issues, acne, psoriasis, body pain, inflammation, depression & anxiety. I hated my life…

I was:

  • Addicted to food & work
  • Living without purpose
  • Stuck in the ‘matrix’
  • Unable to see a clear next step
  • Bored with my life
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • In so much debt

This led me on a journey to complete many transformative training programs in detoxing, holistic health, nutrition, yoga, breathwork, astrology, business, tantra, shamanic healing, communication, shadow work & many others.

Through all of this training I realized the key to my health & happiness was to love myself unconditionally, listen to my bodies wisdom & reclaim my power!

NOW I HELP MY CLIENTS DO THE SAME After suffering for years, my mission, as a coach and mentor, is to support you find more health, abundance, and love into your life! You don’t have to suffer for years like I did.

Do you dream to:

  • Develop conscious food choices & discover delicious & healthy recipes
  • Start a detox program to feel better in your body than you ever imagined
  • Take control of your thoughts & emotions and fully lead from your heart
  • Fall in love with your body & blossom like the flower that you are
  • Find freedom to live a fulfilling, abundant & nourishing life
  • Be able to listen to your intuition & use it as a powerful guiding force
  • Turn on your sexual power, cultivate your energy & own your desires
  • Gain more confidence in sharing your voice, offerings, and gifts
bloom mentorship program for women

Let’s make your dreams come true

It’s time to love what you see in the mirror, live with vitality & reconnect to your true nature.

It’s my highest joy to offer this Mentorship Program to you! I’m honoured to have the opportunity to support you on your journey to rise. By exploring the three pillars of Love, Health & Abundance, we will create a custom program for you that will provide you with all the tools you need to feel confident, alive & free.


When you live from your heart, you live a life with purpose. We all have one thing in common…we all want to be loved.

Love is the greatest power of all. From my experience I learned that until I embodied radical self love, it was difficult to receive love, or give love. I spent much of my life feeling disconnected from people, myself, my body & my purpose.

When I realized I wasn’t living the healthy and happy life I desired, I knew it was time for a change. On my journey, I have learned many life changing self-love tools & practices to reconnect with my body & live the life of my dreams.

Through my Mentorship Program, I’m here to help you do the same. It’s my passion, as a self-love coach & mentor, to support you to as you learn to use your heart to guide you to live the life of your dreams.


Learn to listen to your body & become aware of your food choices

For years I suffered with digestive issues, excess weight, inflammation, itchy psoriasis, body aches, low energy levels & acne.

I tried all kinds of diets before finding the cellular regeneration and detox path. And… to be honest, I wish I knew it earlier!

My journey led me to train as detox & health coach, as well exploring herbal medicine, raw vegan cuisine & more.

My desire – through the Bloom Mentorship Program – is to support you to not only detoxify your body, but your thoughts as well. For you cannot have one without the other. Whether you want to explore a detox to heal deep rooted health issues, or be inspired to make healthy recipes in the kitchen, in the Mentorship Program, we will create a health custom a program that works towards your health goals.


You deserve to live your dream life… It’s time to let your limiting beliefs go & have more abundance flow in every area of your life.

I was in debt for years, stuck in a job I hated, felling unworthy & unaware of my real potential. I never knew how I would get out of it, but when I learnt how to manifest abundance, my whole life changed.

Maybe you are dreaming to travel the world, explore a new career move, set up a business, or find the right partner? I can support you with this & so much more. 

Real abundance comes from feeling abundant, not being abundant. Think about  why so many wealthy people are miserable.

Having over 10 years working as an abundance business coach, it feels natural for me to guide you on how to excel & step into your power!

In my mentorship program I will share with you the tools I’ve learned on my journey to help you create an abundant & fulfilling life.

You’ll learn about…

  • Mindful & intuitive eating to develop a deeper connection with your body & hunger cues
  • Food addictions & emotional eating & how you can overcome them
  • How detox can transform your digestion, skin & energy levels
  • Self love practices to fall deeply in love with yourself
  • Clearing the blocks to start listening only to your intuition
  • Improving your communication in relationships through authentic relating
  • Attracting friendships & relationships in line with your morals & ethics
  • Setting clear & safe boundaries
  • Releasing trapped emotions & traumas
  • Simplifying your lifestyle to find true freedom & happiness
  • Embracing your triggers as an opportunity to transform
  • Connecting to your authentic self & identifying the masks you wear
  • Building a plan to make your career/business goals real
  • Developing a strategy for creating more abundance in all areas of your life

How the mentorship program works:

Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, but I’ll be with you every step of the way! Through the mentorship program, I’ll be guiding you to rise in Love, Health & Abundance, but we might focus on one area more than another.

Together we will work through your goals, fears, aspirations, traumas & desires to have you living your dream life in no time.

The mentorship program generally lasts for 6 months but can be tailored for 3 or 9 month time periods. We can discuss what time frames work best for me to support you in living the life of your dreams.

A life-changing mentorship program requires commitment- for best results, think of this training as you would think of university-level training: undertake it seriously and studiously & you’ll see incredible results.

The Bloom Mentorship program includes:

  • 90 Minute Deep Dive Consultation
  • 12x 1-1 Bi-weekly Support Calls Over 6 Months
  • Custom Detox & Hormone Balancing Strategy
  • Personal WhatsApp Support
  • 10% off Herbs for your detox
  • My 3 Book Wellness Bundle

Your Investment

Are you ready to transform & to invite more love, health & abundance into your life? 


The mentorship program lasts 6 months but can be tailored for you, to suit your needs. We can discuss what time frames work best for me to support you in living the life of your dreams. 

Sound like a program you want to know more about?

Contact me for a heart to heart discovery call to explore how I can guide you to achieve your goals.

Kind words

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For the past 3 months, Jodie has guided me on my detox journey and to myself. I now make better choices in what to consume as I listen to my body. I eat without any guilt as I understand what my body needs. I am so grateful to have found you Jodie!

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Working with Jodie has been a transformational experience. For me, Jodie felt like so much more than just a coach. She is there for you, always, with so much love, understanding, and support. She is such a pure and radiant being and has so much wisdom and love to offer. Through working with Jodie I have rediscovered my own divine wisdom. I feel so connected to my body again. Appreciating every part of me, trusting my own guidance system!

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Jodie Louise is incredible to work with. She has a beautiful way of guiding others that I feel supported and guided on every step of my journey. She has such an extensive knowledge on so many topics I have been able to heal part of my mind, body and soul on so many different levels and in so many different ways. I can’t express how much she has helped me over time. She is the best!

“You deserve to live a life full of love, health and abundance. Invest in yourself and watch your dream unfold.”

Lets Connect

Get in touch to find out if my Mentorship Program is a good fit for you!

I’d love to offer you a discovery call with me to see how I can best guide you.

Lets Connect

Get in touch to find out if my Mentorship Program is a good fit for you!

I’d love to offer you a discovery call with me to see how I can best guide you.