How to REALLY detox your digestive system

It’s time to let that shit go 💩

Are you constipated, gassy or bloated?

Then you are probably literally full of 💩

I know I was…. (but that’s a funny story I’ll share another day with you).

So how can you let it go? 💨😂

Letting go in your digestion often means letting go in your heart. 

Pooing is a massive sacred ritual for me 👑

This might be a bit TMI for you, but when I’m on the toilet, I actually celebrate my poos. When I flush, I visualize letting go of what no longer serves me.

I even have love notes above my toilet reminding me! These affirmations bring positive emotions to my digestion system & that experience transforms the way I go! 

If you are holding onto emotions then you will probably be holding onto a colon full of poop too.

Women’s digestion system issues may be related to emotional holding…

𝘋𝘰 𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶?

  • You always have to know what’s going on.
  • Emotions are hard for you to express.
  • You struggle to let go of things.
  • When people cancel you get really upset.
  • You find it hard to forgive.

There are hundreds of thoughts, feelings, & emotions that can lead to digestive problems in women, which is why a digestive detox alone won’t work.

Letting Go Starts with Self Love

If you’ve been holding on to so much- your adrenals & nervous system are going to need some love & attention & a little time my love. Getting deeper emotional support while following a gentle herbal routine designed to support your adrenals will put you on the pathway to emotional release & greater flow in your life. 

When your digestive system is full of shit everything goes out of balance & for women this can wreak havoc on your hormones & create some nasty hormonal imbalances!  

If you are experiencing digestive system issues like constipation, gas, bloating, irregular periods, mood swings, period poops or anything else that doesn’t seem quite right around your gut it could be worth doing a complete detox of your digestive system & your life!

So what is the best digestive system detox for women?

You can detox your body all you want, but if you don’t detox your life in every way you will keep going around in frustrating circles. 

A digestive system detox is one thing but without looking at what emotional baggage you are holding, your symptoms will continue to grow.

I know sister, I learnt the hard way. It wasn’t until I started to feel my emotions & find healthy ways to release them that I started to see big changes in my health.

For my clients with trauma & control issues, I support them to deal with some of these core patterns they are usually not even aware of before or alongside deep digestive system detoxing.

How to REALLY detox your digestive system

Herbs to help detox your digestive system & let go

Ming Herbs Adrenal Builder Support program can support you if you are a woman with adrenal fatigue to help calm your nervous system, balance your hormones, detox your digestive system & rebuild vitality. This wonderful 8-12 week herbal program aligns beautifully with detoxing & addressing the deeper issues you’ve been holding onto with herbal formulas based on over 15 years of applied herbology research.

Ready to Poo like a Goddess?

Join my Goddess POOtox to detox your digestive system & your life. Book a 20 min Bite-Sized consultation with me for free to learn more & receive digestion support right now!

jodie louise

Hi I am Jodie Louise.

I’ve supported hundreds of goddesses to reconnect to their bodies, heal their digestion & feel levels of vitality they never knew were possible.

When I discovered that all health research was done on men I had the biggest “Aha moment”! Things finally started to make sense. I realized that women’s wisdom was suppressed. This sent me intuitively down a deep rabbit hole of reconnecting to my sacred feminine body.

Once I learned to stop approaching health like a man, I discovered the sacred gifts of my feminine body with so much gratitude for the ability to create life in every way!