How Kissing Impacts Your Digestion

Do you know the power of tongue scraping?

Before you swap germs with someone, an important question to ask on a first date: “Do you tongue scrape?”


What’s the importance of tongue scraping? Well, did you know that 90% of bad breath is due to a dirty tongue full of old dead cells & bacteria?

Kissing someone that doesn’t tongue scrape is like saying “Hey, want to exchange toxins?”

As if dating isn’t difficult enough— now you have to also consider all these things. Gahhhh! 

But I can assure you, sisters, after reading this, your kissing game will change forever. 

Did you know that when you kiss for ten seconds, you transfer about 80 million bacteria to the other person?

Mind-blowing, hey?

Here’s another eye-opening fact for you… Kissing changes your gut microbiome.

“But how?”

Like your gut, your mouth is home to billions of microbes, some of which are bacteria, fungi, & more. Some are good, some are bad. Some stick to your teeth & others live on your tongue. 

The mouth is the gate to your digestive system. Your digestion process starts in your mouth with enzymes present in the saliva. These enzymes break food down for easier digestion by your gut. 

An Unhealthy Tongue Indicates More than Just Bad Breath…

If you allow bacteria & fungi to accumulate on the tongue, this accumulation will start to block your taste buds with the mucus they produce. 

Blocking your taste buds not only makes food less enjoyable, but it also disrupts the process of food breakdown. This can eventually contribute to digestive health problems, like constipation. 

Ayurvedic teachings, a traditional Hindu medicine system in existence for thousands of years, teach that your tongue has a lot of importance to your overall health.  Ayurvedic wisdom says the tongue is not merely an organ for taste; the tongue is an indicator of your state of health & an important diagnostic tool.

So, what does tongue scraping have to do with kissing & how can it support my detox?

Well, my dear, remember, when you kiss, you transfer 80 million bacteria to one another & they to you! This transfer can affect the balance of the microbes in your mouth & change your gut microbiome. Especially if you’re kissing somebody who is oblivious of their oral health. Ew!

 While you can’t control another person’s oral health, you can definitely do your best to take care of yours. 

 Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice that supports detoxification, absorption & digestion by removing the toxins stuck to your tongue.

 If you are wondering how to detox your digestive system tongue scraping is essential!. 

I’m ready to detox my digestive system & elevate my oral health….What can I do?

That’s where tongue scraping comes in. Using a tongue scraper is a game-changer for your digestive health & your love life. 

As you sleep, your digestive system goes to work. It removes toxic substances from your body, some of which live on your tongue. Tongue scraping  prevents your body from reabsorbing these nasty toxins. This is one of the ways tongue scraping protects your digestive system.

In addition to removing bacteria, fungi, food debris, dead cells, & other toxins from the surface of your tongue, Tongue scraping also enhances your immune system, & improves your taste buds.  As a bonus, your tongue will look & feel super sexy for kissing. Mmmmmm. 

Wondering how to do tongue scraping?

Don’t worry sister, it’s easy. 

After you have brushed & flossed your teeth, place the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue. With a gentle pressure pull from back to front. Not so much that it hurts but enough to push the toxins out. Rinse and then go again until there is no thick residue coming out. Rinse your mouth & pucker up ready for yummy kisses. Do this daily for best results. 

Don’t Stop Living in Love! 💋

 Kissing is healthy for you physically & mentally. It also lowers your stress levels & it burns calories too…. but get this. Kissing can change your gut microbiome. As a result, your gut bacteria can also change your personality. You literally start to become one with your kissing mate 🙀 so be mindful of who you share your sacred bacteria with. 

 To receive the yummy bacteria, make sure to ask your partner to tongue scrape daily. After your tongues are clean, kiss away 😘 if you don’t already have a tongue scraper check out Etsy– they have so many & they ship worldwide –

Much love

Jodie Louise xx

jodie louise

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