How Detoxing Saved My Skin

I was so insecure about my skin problems…

My skin problems were painful, uncomfortable & impossible to hide no matter how many layers of makeup or clothes I would wear. I experienced so many skin issues including painful cystic hormonal acne, guttate psoriasis all over my body, hormonal skin pigmentation & discoloration, cellulite on my legs, belly, & arms, scalp psoriasis, which felt like having ants constantly crawling on my head & burning so easily in the sun.

Look at my face before & after skin detox…

I felt so unattractive & I was ashamed to be out in public.

My confidence level became almost non-existent. I didn’t want to even leave the house, & rarely did for almost 2 years besides when I had to go to hospital for treatments. From having flawless skin all my life to this was a massive change which was very hard to accept. I tried so many different supplements, herbs, treatments & diets but my skin continued to get worse. I spent so much money, to see no result. I felt hopeless. I didn’t see a way out & I felt like I was falling into the abyss. It hurt. Both physically & emotionally.

I discovered I needed to do a skin detox

I almost gave up. At that point, I decided to really come back to my body & really dig deep into why this was happening.

I eventually discovered…My skin issues were caused by combinations of things

  • My extremely congested lymphatic system
  • Tired kidneys
  • Sluggish liver
  • Stuck in the ‘matrix’
  • Backed up colon
  • Unbalanced hormones
  • Genetically weak skin
  • Suppressed trauma & emotions in my body

After this discovery, I started looking for ways I can overcome the root causes. 

That’s when I learnt about detoxing. I WENT DEEP & tried every detox I could find! It was detox that saved my skin.

Self Love mentor detox coach

So, how to detox your skin problems?

Detoxing is the best way to support all systems of your body that cause skin issues. Cleansing the toxins out of your body will support in balancing your female hormones, digestive issues, energy levels & so much more!  They say all disease is caused from either trapped emotions/trauma or your gut! They are very connected, so I see working on both these systems as the first step. Detoxing the physical body alone IS NOT ENOUGH. You need to detox your life on every level.

However I continued to ignore the importance of processing the suppressed emotions in my body, I detoxed for years to make some changes, but it wasn’t until I dove deep into FEELING that I saw the biggest shifts. Soon after I started diving deeper into detoxing, FEELING & really understanding my body, I saw some BIG improvements on my skin problems.

Don’t get me wrong. Even after improvements, my skin is not completely flawless. I mean today as I write this it is, if I have a stressful week, or stop eating with my hormonal cycle I can develop a few spots; BUT NOTHING LIKE IT USED TO BE.

I am pretty proud to say my hormonal pigment has faded massively – I used to look like I had a mustache! Guttate psoriasis cleared from my body fully, I now just have a small amount on my scalp. My skin is WAY more resilient to the sun & I have barely any cellulite (only because I am a little lazy haha)! But I am grateful that I did not give up & I chose to listen to my body. I now have a very powerful tool to overcome my skin problems. It’s an ongoing process, but it’s one that I enjoy being in.

Do a skin detox with me & flush out toxins

I shared my personal experience because I understand what it feels like to not be able to feel like yourself. Feeling ashamed of your appearance due to your skin problems, feeling hopeless because you feel like there’s no way out after trying multiple ways to overcome it. I almost gave up, thinking I would be single forever & never be able to share my wisdom as a health professional; I felt like a massive FRAUD!

Looking for the best way to do a skin detox? If you are going through the same issues I had, skin detoxification is the answer. I would love to support you to understand your body more so that you can feel like yourself again & tap into your feminine powers. If you are looking for a detox for skin issues & to purify your life on every level in a way that honors your feminine, join me in the Goddess POOtox.

It’s time to detox your skin & body sister!

Much love,

Jodie Louise xx

jodie louise

Hi I am Jodie Louise.

I’ve supported hundreds of goddesses to reconnect to their bodies, heal their digestion & feel levels of vitality they never knew were possible.

When I discovered that all health research was done on men I had the biggest “Aha moment”! Things finally started to make sense. I realized that women’s wisdom was suppressed. This sent me intuitively down a deep rabbit hole of reconnecting to my sacred feminine body.

Once I learned to stop approaching health like a man, I discovered the sacred gifts of my feminine body with so much gratitude for the ability to create life in every way!