A sacred digestive detox program to reclaim your throne & poo like a goddess!

The Goddess POOtox is a 12-week detox experience taking you on a personally guided journey of digestive rebirth, allowing you to feel fully in tune with your body, let go of your bloating & digestive issues & return to the empowered feminine goddess you truly are!

Due to the space-holding that this level of transformation requires, at this time I only have the capacity to work with 8 women in total.

Apply below by answering a few very important questions to become one of those 8 who take charge & step fully into their goddess power!

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    What attracted you to the Goddess POOtox?

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where do you live, what do you love to do in your spare time, what do you do for work? We go deep into a container together so it's important to me you are a soul mate client for me! I become so close to all of my clients like they are sisters.

    What is your biggest digestive issue?

    What are your other current health challenges?

    Have you done a detox or cleanse before? Please explain your experiences.

    What is your current diet?

    How committed are you to stepping into your goddess power?

    This program is €1,999 for 3 months (valued at € 6705.42) - is this financial commitment a full body yes for you?

    Have you worked with a coach before? If yes who and what was your result?