Goddess Photoshoots

by Jodie Louise

A goddess photography experience for you to authentically shine your true essence & fall in love with yourself.

During this co-created feminine photography journey, we’ll work together to create the space for your inner queen, wild woman, mermaid, fairy or priestess to come out & play. 

In this space you have permission for your shakti energy to come out of hiding.  Know that it’s safe for you to be seen & allow your body to move & sway with the wind. It will be an opportunity to dance with the elements & feel more comfortable in your skin. 

We will create a container to allow for vulnerability & authenticity. I will be there to guide you into feeling safe as I capture your divinity in captivating feminine photography for you to remember who you truly are. All you need to do is show up, be present, trust & let go. 

Honoring & supporting the feminine through photography has been a part of my life’s work & I absolutely adore the art & the process as a photographer for women. 

Whether you’re in a flowy gown, a sultry kimono, blue angel wings, or in your beautiful bare body, we’ll synergize our energies to ensure that your desired sacred feminine expression shines through. 

Together, our synergistic energies will create an experience to remember. We will laugh, cry & dance together in this deeply healing journey that is so much more than a photo shoot.


Stand tall like the strong yet delicate rose you are…

Together, we’ll choose the dream feminine photography location where you can fully expand, relax & flow with your magical shakti energy.

We will drop into the space together with our open hearts, into our bodies & our breath to anchor all aspects of self into the moment that we are co-creating.

If it resonates, we could even enter into a gentle meditation to support you in anchoring in your aligned & authentic energies, to deeply tap into the goddess archetypes that want to flow through you. 

Walk away loving yourself as the truly sacred soul that you are. 


What to expect…

  • After you book we’ll drop in together to create an inspirational mood board to get a feel for what you are desiring from your goddess photoshoot. Then we will find the perfect dream location for you to really be able to let go.  See some previous boards already created on my Pinterest  
  • Before the shoot When we first meet up, we’ll take a moment to connect. It’s important to me that you feel held & supported during this process – so I’d love to get to know you & understand your intention a little deeper. Then we’ll take a moment to presence ourselves with a meditation if you wish to balance your nervous system & allow your authentic self to shine through.
  • During the shoot we will experience joy, laughter, poise & sensuality, allowing your magic to be captured in different angles & expressions. Communicating throughout the entire shoot to ensure you are feeling balanced & expressive of your intention.
  • After the shoot the editing begins. Keep in mind that you have the open opportunity to request any changes/edits which you may desire; I want to ensure you feel your intention & essence being emanated within the photos.

Walk away from this goddess photography experience with powerful, high-quality photos that reveal your shakti energy & a renewed sense of confidence & self-love.


Bring with you:

  • An open heart, ready to expand & shine
  • A selection of your favourite items of clothing and accessories 
  • Any props you desire to weave into your photos – oracle cards, sage, candles, crystals, etc. 
  • Something to drink – stay hydrated!
  • A sarong to cover you when changing & to lay down
  • Comfortable footwear in case we need to walk to multiple locations

Never had a goddess photoshoot before?

No worries, love. I’ll be there to guide you into the poses, the angles & the creative expressions to support you in embodying your natural beauty, shakti energy & grace with poise & confidence!

Together, we’ll create an experience to remember – leaving you feeling radiant, powerful & strong – as you express your beauty & your magic on a whole new level.

How to prepare:

A few tips to receive the most out of this experience:

  • Have a good sleep, so you are feeling your best
  • Decide how to style your hair & make-up in advance
  • Practice your postures in front of a mirror. It may feel silly at first, but it will help you feel more secure with your poses during the shoot. Feel free to send me photos too, If you’d like my input.
  • Bring a couple of changes of clothes to make your photos more dynamic
  • Choose the colours that best represent your brand or desired look. I’m also happy to help you develop a colour palette for your brand & social media
  • Unsure what to wear? Check out the gorgeous Royal Codes Goddess Wear. Use code SELFLOVE for $20 Off (minimum purchase of $150 required) or Warriors of the Divine angel wings use code BESEENANDBLOOM for 10% off.

“Give yourself permission to shine like the goddess that you are.”

Goddess Photography Portfolio

See some of beautiful goddesses I have photographed over the years.

sacred art photos

Sacred Art Photos

My beloved Can & I will co-create to turn your beautiful photographs into Sacred Art expressions.

This will bring out the magic of your unique embodiment using a fusion of sacred geometry & feminine archetypes to really unleash & emanate your shakti energy through digital college art. 

These creations are a unique tool you can use to capture your true essence & give others a unique insight into who you really are.

These sacred works of art are a heartfelt co-creation between myself & my beloved, Can Bolel. The deeper drive behind our purpose is to create images that truly capture the unique essence of your shakti energy that you embody, allowing your power & beauty to shine through. They are a visionary activation.

Happy Clients

Simply put; Jodie is magical! ✨During the photoshoot she had an ability to make me relax and not feel awkward in front of the camera. I felt safe with her. She was present before, during and after the shoot and her photos definitely show that. She captured my soul on the photos she took of me. She is pure magic and I am forever grateful ???
Teresa Sol

Jodie is an amazing photographer that knows how to capture authenticity, beauty, joy and fun!!! I did a group photoshoot with her and she showed a lot of patience, she had great suggestions for poses and made everyone feel special. I had a lot of pleasure during the shoot and later seeing the pics and remembering those moments!


Jodie has such an energy about her that makes you feel safe and confident within your skin. Ive worked with her many times because she knows how to capture authentic beauty & provides a comfortable environment during her shoots. She understands what one is seeking out of photos, almost as if she can see your vision through her own eyes.

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As a traveling nomad, I am often on the move. I have been lucky enough to travel across the world doing goddess photoshoots at some of most magical locations including Bali, Turkey, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, Singapore, Mexico & Egypt. Keep up to date with where I am on Instagram here.  I would love to photograph you beautiful.