Enjoy my gifts beloved 

The most empowering gift you can receive is one of wellness, wisdom and unwavering support. 

Through diving deep into my intuitive practices and journeying into the world of health and wellbeing, I have learned that the greatest and most empowering gift you can give someone is the tools to improve their own life.

There’s a lot of easy fixes out there but the real lasting solutions come from knowing how to work through everything holding you back within yourself.

It is my intention in sharing these gifts with you to support you to feel empowered, healthy and free!

Detox Your Gut & Liver

I trust these detox protocols are supportive to your health journey. I made them with so much love after many of my clients asked for additional support using these life changing products. Detoxing doesn’t need to be overwhelming, but I understand that it can be sometimes. So it is my deepest wish that they guide you to feeling the best version of yourself.

If you ever need further support you can book a Zen Cleanz consultation with me HERE. It’s FREE if you buy the 7 day Rainbow Cleanse which also includes both the intestinal & liver cleanses with many supportive products to really dig deep! & if you desire to go even deeper on a 1 to 1 journey with me – check out my detox program for women.

Reach out to me on Instagram should you have any further questions.

wellness tracker
wellness tracker

Emotional Tools

If you have stubborn or recurring health conditions this might be the missing link.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel stressed or anxious, your body reacts physically? Maybe a headache, tummy upset or shaking of your hands?

All you are carrying emotionally shows up in your physical being & impacts your entire body, especially your digestion! Repressing your emotions will show up in your body in some way or another. Question is are you going to listen or keep ignoring the masterpiece that is your divine body!

I invite you to explore the emotions within. Check out these documents to support you to identify trapped emotions in your muscles. 

Food Combining Chart

Free your body from digestive discomfort..

This Food Combining Chart is a wonderful tool that I originally made for myself because I found it so overwhelming. My chart will teach you what foods you can combine and what food combinations to avoid to support your digestion, skin health and more! Many people think they have food allergies and then implement this to see them disappear.  

In this guide, I share the different food groups best compliment each other. The great thing about food combining is you do not have to give up any foods you love to see improvements in your health, you just need to look at the ways you are eating these foods. 

I also have an amazing E-book How to Food Combine which delves deeper into the history of food combining, why different foods cannot combine together and how to implement different food combinations into your diet.

wellness tracker

Wellness Tracker

The greatest wealth in life is your health.

Keeping track of your mental & physical health is really important as it allows you to check in with yourself on a daily basis and to see patterns.

I created this powerful tool as a gift to support you during your journey on improving your health. It is a great way to ensure that you maintain a balanced lifestyle. It focuses on your dietary intake, exercise & meditation, menstrual cycle, bowel movements & sleep. This tracker also delves in to your mental health including self love, mood & gratitude.

Use it as digital file or print it out (double sided to save paper), laminate it & use fine white board markers. If we are working together enter your email & hit submit to show me your weekly wellness journey. In this video I explain more. 

A Guided Meditation for Love, Health & Abundance

It’s time to love what you see in the mirror, live with vitality & reconnect to your truest nature.

You deserve to live your dream life…

In this meditation we explore the 3 pillars of love, health & abundance to call them into your life. When we are surrounded by love, feel healthy in our bodies & filled with joy (true abundance) life feels pretty awesome!

This meditation takes you on a journey to align these in your life so you can be truly happy, joyful & free! Download & listen to this free meditation to receive flow in the areas of life that matter most!

wellness tracker
Muscle Testing Guide

Muscle Testing Guide

I created this muscle testing guide, to support you to identfy what feelings are trapped inside your body & where they are presenting themselves. Through identifying the emotions that are causing you pain, you can find ways to release them.

By following this method myself, I was able to determine that I was carrying a lot of feelings of abandonment in my body; this was keeping me from releasing trapped emotions & unable to heal or move forwards. By releasing trapped emotions, I have finally felt a shift within my body! The awareness this tool has given me was so profound!

Trapped emotions really are an invisible epidemic in the world & it’s part of my mission to change that! Read more here about this

Join my free detox community

I created this free detox group as I feel we all need to detox now more than ever!

I’ve created a FREE Detox Group to support all the people interested in detoxing but are still a little unsure on where to start and need some guidance.

In the group, I share videos and posts which focus on detoxing your body and also touch on how to detox your life too!

We already have over 400 beautiful souls supporting each other to rise in their health and we are growing each day.

The group is made for all levels of health, with plenty of options for different stages of detox. I encourage you to listen to your intuition and do what feels in resonance for you.

wellness tracker
“The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.”

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