Food Photography, Videography & Styling

by Jodie Louise

My goal is to capture images that are aligned with your brand & style

My passion for food styling, photography and videography begun photographing my own creations. Now I can help you to do the same…

  • Are you the owner of a plant based cafe or a food chef that wants to capture your menu?
  • Do you dream of publishing your own recipe book?
  • Or are you a food lover who wants to learn to express your passion through food photography?

I’d love to support you in capturing your creations…

Healthy, plant-based, nourishing food is an essential part of my lifestyle.

With my affinity for styling, photographing and filming food, I can curate the perfect setting and take inspiring food photos and videos to help spread your message.

Whether you prefer your kitchen, an alternative location, or an outdoor area, I’ll set up the perfect space to present your creations in a stimulating, authentic, and innovative way.

Preparing, styling & photographing healthy food brings me so much joy

When capturing food, it all comes together: my love for what mother earth provides and my gratitude for being able to nourish myself.

It’s my passion to share a healthy lifestyle with the world. Let’s show people how good plant based food can be!

As a professional food photographer and videographer, I find myself sharing my passion for food with the world through my work.

I love to live healthily and intuitively, with a big part of that lifestyle being about how I feed myself.

This inner wisdom has helped me in many ways and led me to create my very own recipe book called “Nourish Your Intuition” which will be available soon.

I have experience photographing food for different purposes such as magazine articles, recipe books, packaging and social media. So whatever you need your images for, I am excited to brainstorm ideas with you.

The importance of food photography and styling

If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you’ll know how important it is to provide an eye-catching menu. 

In marketingyou often hear about the “seven-second rule”: you have 7 seconds to capture the attention of a passing consumer, someone browsing through a magazine or a customer choosing whether to not to sit down and order in your restaurant.

A beautifully captured food image will showcase the essence of your dish, make the consumer‘s mouth water, and their stomach rumble!

Together we’ll capture the essence of your dishes and present your food in a way that aligns with your vision.

Whether you are creating a new recipe book, a new menu, or being featured in a magazine, the food photography will support you to improve your branding, increase sales, and connect with new customers.

Liver Detoxer

What to expect in a food photography and styling session:

  • Before your food photography shoot, we’ll develop an inspirational mood board with the dishes that you want to showcase. We’ll brainstorm your vision and select the dream location that feels right for you.
  • Ingredients will be purchased ahead of time, along with any other props needed for the shoot. This is something you can prepare, but we can do it together too
  • We’ll develop a style to match with your brand, including colour presets for image consistency.
  • After the shoot, the editing process begins. You’ll have the opportunity to request any changes you desire until we achieve a result that feels in alignment with your dreams.


Take a look at some of the dishes I have created, styled and photographed…


See some of my food photography!

Food Videography

Food and cooking videography is one of my deepest passions. I’d love to support you in capturing your delicious creations on film.

Watch the video I created  for Tess Prince of LoveFoodIbiza:

Eating food is nourishment for the body, preparing food is nourishment for the soul. 

Do you feel the call?

I would love to take inspiring food photos and capture your creativity in the kitchen.

Schedule your food photoshoot

I’d love to take inspiring food photos and capture your creativity in the kitchen.

I am currently based in Bali, however as a traveling nomad, I spend the rest of my time between Ibiza and Australia. I’ve also done photoshoots in the UK, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Egypt, but I’d love to organize photoshoots in other locations too!