Food Combining Chart

intuitive eating ebook guide

Free your body from digestive discomfort..

This Food Combining Chart is a wonderful tool that I originally made for myself because I found it so overwhelming. My chart will teach you what foods you can combine and what food combinations to avoid to support your digestion, skin health and more! Many people think they have food allergies and then implement this to see them disappear.  

In this guide, I share the different food groups best compliment each other. The great thing about food combining is you do not have to give up any foods you love to see improvements in your health, you just need to look at the ways you are eating these foods. 

I also have an amazing E-book “How to Food Combine” which delves deeper into the history of food combining, why different foods cannot combine together and how to implement different food combinations into your diet. This isn’t quite available so to be the first to know when it is, please click here.