My Experience with the ZenCleanz Rainbow Kit

Boosting your gut & liver health with natural enzymes

For most of my life, I struggled with digestive problems until I learned ways of supporting my digestive system & detoxing has been an essential part of it.

When I found ZenCleanse– a brand created by a beautiful man with a profound intention of supporting the detoxing process with rich quality natural enzymes, I had to see how my body would react!

For nearly 20 years now, I’ve loved to explore new cleanses & detox methods to improve my health. Whenever I spot something new on the market, I am one of the first ones to try it. When I saw these products I was beyond excited & now I know why.

Detox Coach Jodie Louise placing her hands on gut

Detoxing the Gut & Liver is Key to Your Health!

There is an ancient saying that “It all starts in the gut.” & I couldn’t agree more. The gut is where your body absorbs nutrients, produces energy, removes waste & contains more than 100 million nerve cells that are connected to your brain. If your gut is out of balance, everything is out of balance.

Your liver is responsible for more than 500 functions of your body including storing & distributing blood, removing heavy metals & breaking down toxins. That is why in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is mentioned to be the most important governor of women’s health & their menstruation cycle, as well as detoxing the body. With a sluggish liver you are going to feel tired, frustrated, hold excess weight, have headaches, cravings & poor digestion.

The gut & liver come first when considering detoxification because of their importance in your body. When they are functioning properly– digestion becomes effortless, blood & nourishment reach every part of your body, waste removal becomes regular, stagnation is removed, life force increases, creative energy amplifies, brain fog disappears, menstrual periods can be painless & all emotional aspects of life start improving. It’s a domino effect– once you start to heal your gut & liver everything else starts to fall in place!

I could talk about gut cleansing & liver detoxing forever; they really do transform nearly all problems people experience physically & emotionally. That is why I love ZenCleanz so much.

What do enzymes do?

You are probably already aware of what enzymes are, but perhaps not how important they are for your health; especially for detoxing. 

Enzymes are biologically active proteins that are found in living cells. Digestive enzymes & metabolic enzymes serve unique purposes in your body. Metabolic enzymes speed up the chemical reactions within the cells for detoxification & energy production. Digestive enzymes are released along the digestive tract to break down food into nutrients & waste. Your body can produce both of these enzymes, as they are needed if given the right environment to do so which is most often not the case.

Raw foods naturally contain the enzymes that are needed for their digestion & these enzymes are introduced to the body by the consumption of raw foods, as well as always chewing VERY WELL! Trouble is most bodies are so depleted in enzymes due to poor diet, stress, sluggish liver etc that digesting raw foods is painful & uncomfortable.

So people opt for cooked foods as they are more comfortable to digest. This is a great short term solution but not being able to eat raw foods is robbing your body of nutrients your body deserves. The cooking process destroys the natural enzymes & when you eat cooked food your body needs to try to produce the necessary enzymes to digest, unless you provide enzyme supplements to digest them. So the goal is to detox your body so you are able to digest raw foods that are high in enzymes!

For clarity, I am talking about natural enzymes, not artificial ones. It is good to know the differences between the enzyme types & be sure to use an enzyme product that is most beneficial for your particular needs. Vegetarian enzymes are the most potent, they can break down more fat, protein & carbohydrates faster than any other source.

Detox Specialist Jodie Louise with vegetable basket
Gut Detox Specialist Jodie Louise standing by waterfall with rainbow

Enzymes are effective for:

  • soothing digestive distress
  • increasing energy
  • promoting regular bowel movements
  • cleaning the digestive system, tissues & blood vessels
  • nourishing blood & cells
  • restoring metabolic function & more

After years of supporting my body with raw foods, the importance of enzymes was clear to me. So, naturally, I was drawn to ZenCleanz. I decided to try the Rainbow Kit & was blown away. This 7-day cleansing formula was designed to address the whole gastro-intestinal tract & the liver/gallbladder. I found seven days to be perfect for my body, as women benefit the most while detoxing for shorter periods during the follicular & ovulation phases of their cycle. 

Often hormonal imbalances are the root cause of many health issues in women.

These ZenCleanz enzyme blends have the ability to strip off the unhealthy biofilm & strengthen the gut at the same time. Enzymes act almost like pacman eating away all the obstructions from gut walls & tissues.

Want to geek out more on enzymes? The FAQ page of ZenCleanse provides some in-depth information. 

Preparing for the ZenCleanz is Crucial!

I ensured I was doing the cleanse at an optimal time of my cycle (follicular phase) & that I had time for rest, integration etc. Detoxing too intensely & for very long periods, disrupts women’s hormones. I learnt this the hard way many years ago. If a woman does an intense detox during her luteal phase her body can go into starvation mode, fat-storing & throwing everything completely out of balance.  

Preparing for the ZenCleanse I ate more enzyme-rich foods to start the process sooner. I limited my fat intake with more simple foods like fruits, salads & lightly steamed veggies. I made sure I could dedicate those 7 days completely without any work pressure & had support from other people if I needed.

I also included daily enemas to ensure I was going to the toilet at least 2 times per day & ensure my body was well hydrated. Next time I would do a colonic before as well to really maximize the experience.

If you want a complete breakdown of the process & more guidance, you can take a look at this free guide that I prepared.

Detox Specialist Jodie Louise with vegetable basket
Gut Detox Coach Jodie Louise holding enzyme rich fruit

What did the 7 days of deep cleansing the gut & liver look like?

During the cleanse, I ate similar to when I was preparing for it. You can go deeper & incorporate advanced fasting methods but personally, I feel it’s good to still eat/chew to encourage digestive toning. Limiting the intake of fats, protein & hard-to-digest foods is key.  

When I detox, it’s important to me that I never push myself. If I need to nap, I nap, & if I need to eat, I eat: SIMPLE! I learnt these lessons by working 12 hour days & doing deep detoxing; I destroyed my body! So now I always ensure I can rest or I simply just don’t detox. Taxing your body will only make things worse during detox periods. I didn’t do any hardcore exercise, just light walks, shaking & yoga.

How to Consume the ZenCleanz Detox Kit?

Consumption of the ZenCleanz Rainbow Kit is a 7-day process. They have protocol videos for guidance as well as written detailed guidance on their website. I followed the process as guided there & made sure I had all the necessary tools ready before starting my detox. The guide I created will also massively support you.

Detox Coach Jodie Louise on mountain/in nature
Detox specialist Jodie Louise in nature

Physical & Emotional Release

You let a lot go, that’s for sure. This cleanse is so profound. It released years worth of trapped waste & toxins within me. Even for me who has experienced a fair amount of cleansing, it has drastically transformed my digestion. I was having the best poos of my life & the results were everlasting, not just a few days like most cleanses seem to be.  

Like every cleanse when toxins leave the body many emotions can spiral around. I find setting intentions really supports me with addressing any stuck patterns I have so I can let them go along with the physical release. Going deep in the liver I always notice some irritability come up. That’s why I ensured I had time so I could be present with any arising emotions.

I didn’t experience much of a healing crisis during the detox as I prepared my body well, but during the liver cleanse days I felt nauseous most of the time which is very normal. Sleep was a little rough one night because of that as well. Other than that I felt incredible during the cleanse, so much that I want to do this detox over & over!

I want to do this cleanse at least twice per year. It’s easy, yummy & the results speak for themselves. Finally a liver cleanse where I don’t have to drink epsom salts WOOO!

Take a Peek at What Comes Out with ZenCleanz!

Now, the gross part! (although it feels rewarding & I know how much everyone likes to see what comes out haha!!)

This Rainbow Cleanse was powerful in so many ways. It is likely the most powerful cleanse I have ever done! I loved seeing the waste that came out of my body & examining it. So, without a doubt, this was a lot of fun for me! I found some dampness in my release which was expected based on examining my poo most days, which I strongly suggest to all my clients.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You usually need to do quite a few cleanses (especially with the liver) to get the toxins moving. I strongly suggest doing them every 2 to 4 weeks until symptoms like allergies, acne, bloating etc start to calm down. It can be easy to be attached to what comes out but know that you are releasing a lot more than what you see! You are detoxing your entire soul!

I don’t feel brave enough to share my images of what came out of me though. I am not quite there yet; not sure I ever want to lol! It always amazes me when I see what comes out. You can get a pretty good idea of what to expect with these photos on the ZenCleanse website.

zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
zen cleanz results
Gut Detox Specialist Jodie Louise journaling

After effects of the ZenCleanz Rainbow Kit

Enzyme-based detoxing really feels like the Rolls Royce of the detox world!

I certainly felt calmer after the cleanse, my digestion felt amazing & I can tell I was digesting better because I had way more energy! My poos looked so beautiful too. Hehe! I also naturally wanted to eat more raw, alive foods compared to before. These foods were much easier to digest & felt better in my system.

I guide women to heal their digestive issues & hormonal imbalances. Over the years of trying different colon cleanses & liver flushes, I have seen a wide range of results for myself & my clients. But nothing compares to the cleanses from ZenCleanz.

The liver cleanses in the past have been a nightmare for me. They made me feel so unwell & I struggled every time to get the mixture down; those methods also don’t fully resonate with me. However, I continued with them as I just hadn’t found another way. BUT FINALLY, I HAVE! After countless liver flushes with epsom salts & olive oil this cleanse was like floating on a cloud!

Want to start your cleansing journey?

I adore the deep gut & liver cleanse experience with the Rainbow Kit so much. I even had a chance to talk with the founder of ZenCleanz, he made time to speak with me on the phone for more than an hour to share all about the products & how I can use them best for myself & my clients.

After such a profound experience, I decided to become an affiliate with them to share it with more people. You can use the code “detoxnow” or follow this link to receive a discount on your purchase.

If you prefer even shorter & sweet cleanses to begin with, try ZenCleanse One Kit for a 1-day gut cleanse & ZenCleanse Forgive Kit for the easiest & yummiest liver cleanse I have ever done.

I love to combine this cleanse with turpentine to support balancing candida & eliminating parasites. Learn more here. 

Dive a bit deeper in gut detoxification with my blog: Hormonal & Digestive issues, This is What Detoxification Can Do

Also, read more on liver cleansing here: Why women need liver cleansing & how to do it naturally


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